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ChestShop Finder
« Opened on January 31, 2014, 02:21:02 AM (Edited January 31, 2014, 03:04:11 AM) »
 We have noticed many of you using the /buy [item] and /sell [item] commands, which often leads to a bit of confusion.
 Unfortunately, we do not currently have a way to make this any easier to use.

 I will try to explain how this works.

 **IMPORTANT NOTE** These instructions WILL NOT work inside the main server mall located at /warp mall . To locate shops in the main server mall, walk to each wool doorway, and read the list of shop owners on the signs. The directional information provided in the plugin will NOT help you in the mall, due to the way our mall is set up.

 The following instructions will reliably help you find chest shops in player owned malls.

How to use ChestShopFinder:

 When you type /buy coal , for example, a list will be displayed.  (applies to /sell [item] as well)

 This list displays a lot of information.

The number displayed at the beginning is the "index" number.
The player name is the seller
The number next to the word "sells" shows you how many are available in a single transaction
The price for the number noted is listed next to the word "for"
The amount listed in the ( round brackets) is breakdown of the price, the amount you will pay per item
The colored number is how many blocks the chest shop is away from your current location
*GREEN text is closest to your current location
*YELLOW text is the next closest to your current location
*RED text is the farthest away from your current location
The direction indicates which APPROXIMATE direction the shop is in, from your current location.

(* If you type /sell [item] , the info displayed will list the buyer, amount they buy, price they buy for, and the pricing breakdown, as well as the distance and approx direction to the shop. But it works basically the same way as the /buy [item] direction-wise.)

 THEN once you have this information, you can select the option that looks best to you- where you want to shop, and type

/csf look [index number]

 This will actually move your character and direct it physically pointing in the direction you need to travel.

  This direction may vary slightly from what you learned with /buy [item]. For example, /buy [item] will ONLY say NORTH, EAST, WEST or SOUTH.
 The /csf look [index number] command will clarify with intercardinal directions ( northeast, southeast, northwest, and southwest) when they apply.

 Once you know the direction YOU must walk, swim, boat, sprint, or ride to the location on your own. Unfortunately, a Staff member CAN NOT assist you with this in any way. Please do not ask a staff member to teleport you to a shop loctaion. We do not have coords directly to these shops, and even if we did, it would not be fair of us to teleport you there. Thank you for understanding. <3

 Please use this plugin feature at your own risk. You may travel to the location and not find what you were looking for. Shops may be inside locked homes, they may be underground, in the sky or otherwise unreachable to you.

  If you need an item, you can also ask other players in chat if they have what you need available for sale. Be prepared to make a polite and reasonable offer based on how badly you need the item, or the prices indicated by /buy [item].
 If all else fails, go mining, woodcutting, or otherwise collecting the resources you need. It can be very fun and rewarding to collect or craft your own items, afterall, that is what Minecraft is all about.  :D


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Mall Shop Owners
« Reply #1 on January 31, 2014, 02:40:08 AM (Edited March 16, 2014, 08:54:26 PM) »
 To help make this a bit easier, we will make an effort to keep this post current, listing main mall shop owners. This applies only to /warp mall

*Player names are used instead of nick names intentionally, because the chestshop finder plugin will only display actual user names.

RED Section:

1-1   Madgaz
1-2   Moon_java
1-3   Egijr
1-4   LordPuggy
1-5   Bambi2002
1-6   SuperNova_2

GREEN Section

2-1   Kealper
2-2   Thoatt
2-3   ItsWinston
2-4   Mixle
2-5   Luke_Bruck, FamCraftHobo
2-6   Micahdg

BLUE Section

3-1   Zroad1202
3-2   Soccer Slayer, SoccerSlayer30
3-3   Fuz7ybob
3-4   TheLonelyOne67
3-5   Miacamp
3-6   SpiderMonkey_1

BROWN Section

4-1   HaydentheBuilder
4-2   ChiefCrazyCow
4-3   VespaMartio
4-4   Sasikins
4-5   BoysandGhouls
4-6   SuperMickey24

YELLOW Section

5-1   mathfreak2, thelonelyone67
5-2   xChaosxRipperx
5-3   aninjah0b0
5-4   Holly_Hamilton
5-5   Rcodes10
5-6   PPawn_1