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Either a Greifed house, or unfinished.


Hello, I was flying to a marked pure TC4Node, I saw a diamond block, searched around it, and discovered this home.

Please note, I am not hacking in these photos, i am flying with the air sled from Ars Magica 2.

Coords in the pictures

This is on the FTB server. 

Not sure why the player broke the blocks, but it appears he also built the building and the crops below it.  Sooo.....

Ill check it out when i get home, see if i can find something (unless one of the other FTB admins beat me in checking it out)

You'll probably find a lot of these abandoned shells of buildings on FTB because people are always shedding old, cramped, non-FTB-friendly designed homes and building larger structures in better biomes. This one belonged to nacromunger and he plundered it himself to move on a better area 66 days ago.


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