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Cow farm at sg griefed


So one day I was low on food and I decided to do /warp sg and go to the meat farm at the sg on the right,I afked for a while and when I can back I opened the chest to get my loot, but it said that I have no permission to open this chest(it says cannot open this container) with a blue colour, I knew that someone has grieved it and puted a field protection at the place, I'm sad because I cannot get my meat and other famcrafters will be too, I forgot the name of the person so I hope someone destroys the ps with some commands,

 The precious stone belongs to the owner/creator of the free farm and is in place to prevent griefing. It should work for you now.

sorry about that if your talking about the farm me and zo made we put a ps up because of the amounts of greifs what was occurring

Thanks Anna for fixing this <3


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