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Hi all!
In bush, we need money. We are a growing clan, and we need money. Don't worry, this will be for a good cause.
We are going to use this money to create:
- Stargates
- More Buildings
- Spawners and Farms
- Improve our Train System

Message Flippyfeet150 or cardinalland in-game to help our funds. We will put this money in the clan bank:

If you donate:

-$1000 or more
-4 Iron Blocks

-$10000 or more
- A free house in Bush
- Everything above

-$50000 or more
- A free large house
- A drawing of your skin
- Everything Above

- $100,000
- A mansion
- A drawing of your choice
Everything Above

- More than one mansion
- An estate
- Everything above

- A huge estate
- A diamond
- A map (that I have)
- Everything Above

Blocks are accepted too!
Same apply above, but for each block, you get this amount of "money"
Nether Brick: $4
Brick: $8
Stone: $1
Sandstone: $4
Iron ingot: $10
Iron Block: $90.0000000001
Redstone: $2
Diamond: $600

So, 250 nether brick would get you the $1000 prizes.

Edit: Continued
Thanks for donating! Hope to see you soon!


--- Quote ---I hope this was made right, first post :D
--- End quote ---

 :o Just perfect! Good luck with your fundraiser!


--- Quote from: cardinalland on November 30, 2014, 02:32:14 PM ---
If you donate:
- $100,000
- A mansion
- A drawing of your choice

--- End quote ---
I will donate £100,000 famcoins, where will the mansion be? :D

The mansion will probably be in the Bush Clan. I might have to build it so it might be delayed a bit. I will show you the options.

What if I donate $1,000,000? Do I get ten mansions??  :o


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