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You can find all the clan commands ingame by typing /clan

Also, there are the Clan Rank & Permission commands using /rank

There is /clan home , /clan sethome , and more that can be on that list.

Also, there is the /raffle winners command, allowing you to see who won the raffle previously.

Hope this all helps :)

Thanks for the commands guys :)   make sure when you give me a command you leave a short description of what it does. This is especially important for the clan ones, because I am not a clan leader at this time, so I don't know all of the clan commands. If you can explain those, I will be happy to add them to this list.

Commands I need help with right now include:

clan commands
rank commands
clan bank and bulletin board commands

Make sure you add if they are for leaders of clans or for anyone. Thank you so much!

Don't forget nutmeg, you can visit /warp clan to see a lot of the commands for the clans and bulletin board there, as well as how to set ranks (and give them bank rights, inviting rights, etc).

Also Ohai, there is /bb remove (I think) xD
I'm not sure if that's one, but a /bb add and /bb view means there's probably a /bb remove.
Ill go look for some more commands...

Its /bb clear


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