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Hey famcrafters from across the blocky globe!
FLASH clan is currently going tangfastic!
But-to really fly off into the frenzy that are clans,  we need some famcoins.

And we are going to do it differently!
What our fundraiser is...

A HUGE clan vs. clan tournament, called #GetFlashed!
How do I enter, I hear you scream?
To enter your clans top five fighters, and for them to get the best in luxury whilst in the competition,  is 100,000 famcoins (lemme know if  this is to much).

The winnering team gets prize money, a legendary set of Flash gear, and masses of pride!

There is going to be an sg to the first event site soon, but until then ask me and I'll tp you to the info center.


BOLTS is entering! Now... for me 100k is too much (I really want it cuz I have 0) and Fighters Are... brennskywalker, me, TrueMinecraftGuy, CevieAnn, and FrodoRose :)

I would enter, if I had any clan members. <3 :3

I believe 100k is a bit much.


--- Quote from: Domsters931 on January 30, 2015, 06:50:53 PM ---I believe 100k is a bit much.

--- End quote ---

I do too. Maybe 65k?


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