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#GetFlashed PvP!

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Where? Somewhere on FLASH'FLASH's bolt island.

When? We will agree an easy time for everyone.

Own gear? There will be a FLASHPVP store outside the first event in the arena if you need to buy.

I think I anwsered everything  :D

I cant wait either!

Ill ask the other leaders of my clan.

ill join, but do I Have to pay and when does it start?

Sadly bolts doesn't have enough members... I am the only member atm xD sorry, I was really looking forward to this

Just a small proposal based on the comments I've read so far.

You might want to consider changing it to a 3v3 and just let people form their teams and change the price down to 50K. 

This makes the price more reasonable, and for every 2 teams you get the 100K you wanted from 1 team when it would be 5v5.


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