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 Welcome to the new Famcraft Forums game category! As per the request of several forum members, we have added a brand new section just for forum games.

 The forum games in the general category were getting a bit out of control. Forum games can quickly become spammy and make it more difficult to find other information on the forum.

 We ask that you keep all forum games in this section. All server and forum rules still apply. In addition, we ask that you not intentionally use GIANT text sizes or quote quotes just to quote quotes.

 Games need to remain polite and respectful. If something you type makes you hesitate before you hit "post" then please read it again before you submit it. We've had to remove quite a few posts that were not within Famcraft's rules and guidelines, or were mean or otherwise distasteful. Please be careful with what you post here.

 As this is is section for community games, I am also asking that it be partially community moderated. If you see an offensive post here, please report it to a staff member or post in the thread located here:,8604.msg48842.html#msg48842

 This section, like all sections of the forum may periodically be cleaned up to reduce clutter.

 Have fun!


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