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So, I bet you guys haven't seen many Beast clan members have you? Well that's because we don't have too many members (3 or 4 in fact) because, tbh, the clan home isn't great, that would be because i am the only clan member who is regularly on  :'( so I'm spending my own money on the clan. Thats why I want YOU to build your awesome... THINGS! ;D ;D ;D

Categories:        Cost to Enter:
Houses                   20k
Castles                   50k
Villages                  100k
Statues (small)       20k
Statues (large)       30k
Pixel Art (large)      30k
3D Art (small)         20k
3D Art (large)         30k

Make your entries wherever you like   :o (before the deadline) and Ill mcedit them to the judging area

Entries must be made by Sunday the 3rd of May when you will have to mail me the coords of the... THING so i can mcedit it by the judging date. The day of judging will be the Saturday following the Sunday following the entry deadline (16th of May). I will mail you where you came.

All... THINGS must have a sign saying who the... THING is by. Pay me whenever you like (before the deadline) and refunds will be made if... THINGS aren't complete by the day.

1st Prize: A house built by me  ;D and 30k
2nd Prize: 20k
3rd Prize: 10k

P.S. comment on the forum for more details



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