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IRC Rules
« Opened on July 16, 2014, 03:06:03 PM (Edited September 07, 2017, 01:29:09 PM) »
IRC Rules

**NEVER Log into #Famcraft IRC with ANY NAME intended to represent any other player, staff member, celebrity, entity, or anyone else at all, other than YOURSELF - We DO ban from the IRC channel, and from the server for breaking this rule**

1 - No trying to  hijack server conversation from IRC

  Degrading other player's conversations, or drastically changing the subject to intentionally  steal focus from the original player's topic is not allowed. You are welcome to join in on the conversation from IRC, just don't try to run your own show. Remember, you are communicating with players who are still trying to actively play in game.
 Also, if a staff member is assisting another player in game, please do not demand that staff member focus their attention on you. While our players on irc do matter very much to us, we must assist those players needing help in the game, first.
 We implement extensive logging on #Famcraft IRC We log every word you type in the #Famcraft IRC channel. We store all this information for many months. There is no statute of limitations on punishing players. Enjoy the Famcraft irc knowing these rules will help provide you with a safe and fun forum experience.

2 - No Deliberate misspelling of words or use of abbreviations to slip swearing or other inappropriate words into IRC conversations. This includes making innuendo or attempting to alter the context of something someone else has said to make it seem inappropriate when it was not intended as such.

3 - Abusive, racist, sexual, drug-related, belligerent, political, anti-political, religious, anti-religious, and inflammatory chat is not allowed in text, links or nick/screen names. Remember, we log everything you type everywhere, always, and we keep logs forever. Famcraft is all about Minecraft, not your beliefs or lack of beliefs. These restrictions include a ban on any speech or actions that are commonly considered inappropriate when directed toward children. Among other reasons but mostly because we allow people of all ages to play on Famcraft and post on Famcraft.com, we have zero tolerance for any attempted exploitation of children.

4 - Trading, linking to, or discussing illegal material (games, software, movies, etc.) is not allowed. This includes linking to sites, that link to other sites that include this sort of thing. Absolutely no linking to any site other than Famcraft.com, from IRC is allowed.

5 - Do not discuss other servers while using any of Famcraft's services, including IRC. That includes talking bad about other servers, too. While we appreciate players wanting to share their experiences from other servers, many new players join the server only to advertise their own server. Devious players we punish for breaking other rules often try to advertise other servers to draw people away from Famcraft out of spite. Due to these types of examples, we don't allow discussion of any other server while in-game, on mumble, or in our forums.

6 - No discussion, even from IRC, of any client modifications that could be used to cheat on Famcraft. Cheating includes such activities as flying when not allowed, placing multiple blocks with one action, speed walking, and seeing through blocks. Two specific client mods which are allowed (and recommended) are Rei's Minimap and Optifine.
   - Rei's Minimap: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/482147-
   - Optifine: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/249637-
   - We also recommend Magic Launcher for easily installing the above mods: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/939149-
   - You may use many other client mods but we can't make a complete list of them. Acceptable client mods include most minimaps, inventory tweak/sorting, and others that do not give you a competitive advantage over other players. If you are unsure about whether a mod is safe to use here, just ask a staff member about it and they'll be glad to help.

7 - Harassment of other players is not allowed. This means name-calling, being  degrading, aggressive, making rude or otherwise unnecessary/inappropriate comments or being insulting or hurtful in any way is NOT allowed. This includes sending rude/spammy IRC public or private messages.

8 - Persistent hassling of Staff members for anything is not allowed. This includes excessive/spammy IRC public or private demands to review and reply to a plea.

9 - Spamming on IRC is not allowed. This includes using caps or excessive amounts of a letter or character. This also includes IRC private messages- do not spam other people on IRC with messages privately. It is okay to message your friends, just do so politely and responsibly. Do not always expect a reply to private messages on IRC, especially from staff members. Staff members stay quite busy with staff work. We will not argue this topic. ex: 111111111 - is one example of spam.

10 - Do not ask to become a staff member in game or on IRC. Server staff is also IRC staff. You can tell by the @ symbol before their names. We never ask players on IRC  to help moderate #Famcraft IRC

11 - English is the official language on Famcraft. We have players from all around the world and English is the most common language among them, so please use only English in the public chat on IRC. You may use other languages in personal messages on IRC.

12 - Player vs. player friendly playful debate is allowed on the server/IRC. (Example: Melons vs Pumpkins, or what is the best block in Minecraft, What type of pizza is best) It is okay to express your views and differing opinions on family friendly topics such as sports or  appropriately rated games, movies and music. In these conversations, please always remember to use a polite and friendly tone, and never be degrading of another players opinions or experiences.

Additional notes:

You are responsible for your own IRC account. If your account breaks the rules, we will punish you and the account. NEVER Log into IRC using ANY other persons name. You must always be recognizable as the in game name we know you by.

These rules can change at any time. Please make sure you check them frequently to keep up to date. Staff members are expected to have them memorized.

To prevent players circumventing punishments they have been given, we ask that players do not use multiple IRC accounts on#Famcraft IRC. If you're found to be using multiple IRC names at once, you'll be asked to pick your favorite and stick with it to avoid future confusion.

If a player breaks any IRC  rule. staff has authorization to ban them from IRC and the server without warning the player first. If you want to plead your case and attempt to overturn any punishment against you, please do so by posting a plea at: 12http://u.famcraft.com/1y

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Re: IRC Rules
« Reply #1 on July 16, 2014, 03:11:50 PM »
Hello Famcrafters!

 As many of you know, we offer IRC chat as an optional way for our players to stay in touch with Famcraft, even when they are not actively in game.

 The IRC option is located on the Famcraft Forum, and is the option labeled "chat". You can simply click on "chat" Then enter a user name to start chatting away with other Famcrafters who are actively in game or on irc.

 In the past, we have always asked that IRC user names either be your complete in-game-name or your current in-game nick name. This rule was set in place at the time IRC became an option for Famcraft.

 We believe the time has come for a change in this IRC name rule. While the Famcraft community is always growing and welcoming new members, it is also a close-knit community. We can easily recognize most players with any reasonable amount of information in a username.

 This means, you can omit numbers or duplicate characters from your in-game-name or use a recognizable part of your in-game-name, or nickname.

 We do ask that you do NOT add on to your user name, unless you are staff, or wish to identify the device you are using for irc. Example: Helper-Fuz7y is fine for Fuz7ybob, or Egi_Phone is okay for  Egi, However The_Amazing_PlayerNameHere would not be okay for Playername. Try to keep your name to the point, as a way to identify who you are on the server.

 It is also important that you ONLY use your own unique name to represent yourself. Never, ever log in with any part of any other player or staff member's name. We can tell who is on irc, so pretending to be someone you are not can only get you banned.

 Thank you all for taking the time to read this. We look forward to seeing you all on IRC.