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FrodoRose's epic books! (dramitic and spooky!)


Hay! FrodoRose here! A while ago I started a book collection called Fluff_Fluff! It is based on my real dog in Famcraft! Fans of my books can meet him in person! I have created the dramatic and spooky collection 1-6 so far, still working on 7! Mail FrodoRose if you want to have one or two or any of them! Fluff_Fluff is a boy dog with a light blue collar! And he is just about as cute as can get!
                      In the book when Fluff_Fluff meets "someone" his life flips upside down, relising his owner dose not belong to him anymore, but to the someone. Dose Fluff_Fluff survive? Dose the someone or  his owner? Who is his owner? SO MANY QUESTION!!!! Those questions can only be responded to when you read the Fluff_Fluff books!
or if u just want to say it here I can give you a book when I see u on Famcraft

Frodo, I'm making a book store in my mall shop and would like to sell them. You would get all the money I get for selling it.  I would also like to read it.

Ok, thank you, the next time I see you I will make sure to send you some copies! =D


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