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Wolves, Wolves, And more wolves!

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Hey guys. Thanks yo Ghouls, i was able to download multiple wolf textures and put them in my texture pack. I though it would be cool to show you guys the wolves i chose and maybe help you guys do it. I have a total of 16 wolves with mine.

If you would like to see just 1 wolf by it's self, just tell me which one and i'll try to get a better shot of it.

My favorite is the fourth one from the right side.

Would you like me to teach you how to instal that wolf into your texture pack, its easy once you know how to.

This wolf right?

If you want i can also show you how to install them all, but that nees MCPatcher or Optifine to have them all.

I can send you that wolf and or all the wolves and teach you how to use it aswell

:O i wanna use that texture pack, or at least add those wolves to mine.


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