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Hello all, you guys have been asking for a post/board on introducing ourselves to each other so we can get to know each other better, so here it goes :).

Most of you already know my name is Carlos, aka bknysnake. I am 25 years of age, I was born and raised in New York, but currently reside in Puerto Rico. I am the owner of famcraft. I'm a good guy in my opinion, I treat others as they treat me, so if a player was to disrespect me, or the server, they'll receive the same from me. I'm a security guard, computer technician, and I decorate events such as christmas time in the malls, weddings, sweet sixteens, etc. I've been through a really touch childhood, but who's to say I've been through the worst. I managed to survive, and here I am now. :)

It is finally nice to meet you! Welcome to Famcraft Carlos.

This is suppose to be a introductory of yourself, so people can get to know you better, not just hi I'm _____(fill in the blank). I'm also waiting on the responses of the players who asked for this topic :P

Hi my real name is Ian I run cross country for my school in CT and also play town hockey. I also like lax programming and graphic designing. So yeah that's about it just wanted to tell everyone a little bit about me so people don't think of me as hockeydance and more like a person on and I'm 13

 Hi, I'm RubensCherub in game, but please feel free to call me Anna. I'm always happy to lend a helping hand, or at least try my very best.

  I love MC, but I also enjoy painting tabletop minis such as Warhammer, Puppet Wars and Malifaux figures. My avatar is a cherub from "Puppet Wars" a board game by Wyrd Games.

 I found Famcraft while searching for a friendly server to play on with my family. It's perfect for us.  ;D


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