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Fundraiser for Hounds!

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Hi, this is Nick and i would like to get a mushroom spawner farm in our clan base.

10k- A free 25x3 netherstalk farm
20k- A free beacon with 9 iron blocks
30k- A house made of stone brick that is 25x5 blocks and 10 blocks high
40k- A clan mine, shelter, and head placed up in the clan with a sign saying "Special appreciation to (name)"
50k- A 25x25 carrot farm & 25x25 potato farm
60k- A pool 25x5 blocks wide and 8 blocks deep with a diving board and water slide.
70k- You get an enchantment table, anvil, beacon, 9 iron blocks, and a stack of coal ore
80k- 5 diamond blocks, an anvil, and 6 emeralds
We would like to raise at least 500k! ;)

If you donate, mail me by typing /mail send nickapokalypse I donated (amount of money)

And if we are both on tp,me to where you want it. If not, I will make quite path to it from the clan base. :(=)

No sad face though, it was by mistake

You don't need to donate! Egi gave me a free one! Special thx 2 him! :):):):):):)


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