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TREAT's member Kelman


Kelman is one of the newer members of TREAT (or TastyTreats) I saw him carefully read over the signs in the clans spawn. 2 of the rules are Don't break ANYTHING and don't build anything without leader permission.

The first thing Kelman did in the clan was break the wall around, place glass instead, a gate, and a sign marked as a fishing spot. I told him not to add anything, thanks for the thought, but to remove it. I watched as he replace the wood and removed the fishing area.

A little later, he had made a melon shop right behind the once-fishing spot. I told ~Gaz, they removed the melon shop.

And now I am extremely disappointed to find a building Behind our bakery titled "kelman's Shop". It was also needed to destroy a bit of the roof on the bakery and the walls to make It!  =(

The rule Don't destroy anything was just added yesterday but do not make anything was added when first made.

Thank you for your time  :) -FrodoRose

I have just recently discovered two more signs placed by Kelman saying Go Fishing. I don't know how long they have been there but I found them the day I posted this.

About half a week before now I mailed Kelman about this, I told him about why what he did was wrong, but I have not done anything in case he had not read it yet, and this had not been replayed to.

Thank you =D

I'm sorry Frodo, i didn't see this post until now! :O
I'll talk to you in-game about this, and we'll see if we can work something out :) <3

 Thanks for posting again. Sorry this ended up being overlooked.
 What steps have you taken? Has this player been removed from your clan? If not, he needs to be removed from the clan before we can take further action.

 If you wish to keep him as a clan member, we need to make sure you have asked him to remove the items and revert the changes he made.

I am sadly going to remove Kelman from TREAT my next game time. I usually give players  3 warning before telling them why I am doing it before leaving him clanless.

Thank you for the considering reply's  ;D See you on Famcraft

The steps I have token is when he first did the fishing spot, the one with glass and broken barriers, I told him this was not allowed to add or break anything in TREAT. I told him thanks for the consideration but to remove it. He carefully removed the fishing area and replaced the birch wood walls.

The next time I logged onto Famcraft (im not sure how long it was) There was a melon shop placed by Kelman. Ghouls removed it for me. I continued to play on Famcraft, I was swimming on my way to the banana boat when I saw a small shack like thing behind the bakery. Swimming to it I saw two signs, one reading out Kelman's, the other reading out Shop. I had no clue how long this had been here, but I sent a mail to Kelman imminently. I left the shop and went back into the clan lollipop section.

And as my last post, saw 2 signs that had the same print on it as his once fishing spot. They read Go Fishing. And that's the latest thing that happend


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