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Well since Regnaut has left the server, no one has really been playing forum games or even hosting, after xPH03N1Xx86 informed me of this, I decided let's do a second part of this forum game being it has been so successful.

The game is simple,  You simply ban the last person to make a post here, for example, I start the first post, then another person would reply with "I ban you for ________"

The rules are simple. Ban the user above you whether it's for his/her:

    Previous Post
    Anything to do with the user.

The next person will ban me for whatever reason he/she wants.
(Notice your not actually going to get banned*(Unless you brake the rules).
I'll ban myself being I'll be the first post.

Banned for not having my picture working.

Banned for banning yourself first.
I was so pro at this game. I must be evil :D

I ban you for having a dumb name that makes impossible to type without looking at it. YOU ARE BANNED

you are banned for NOT being wisniewski...

You are banned for being a lightning user


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