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Plea to be unbanned / Plea to be unbanned
« on: March 31, 2021, 09:20:40 AM »
Dear admins,
I am gr3ylon, but when you banned me, I was known as bigchsta62. I was banned for griefing, because I built to close  to bigwig's fort. Also, when the admin was talking to me, I said that there were plenty of servers out there. I regret saying that, as I think that sentence is the reason I am now perm-banned from famcraft. But, it's been nearly a year since then, and I have matured. I don't build close to other bases, and I respect staff and players. So, I would like to try again, so I can play Minecraft with such an awesome community. I will no longer build to close to people, or disrespect people, if I am unbanned. If I am not unbanned, please tell me why.


Bigchsta62, a now mature teen.

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