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Sell your products/homes / Taiga Express
« on: November 28, 2019, 07:52:59 PM »
Got a big project and need a lot of resources?  Looking for bulk items in a nifty portable box?

Look no further than Taiga Express!  Offering a wide variety of items since...some obscure time in the past.

Shulker Boxes of Ground Blocks
   500 famcoins - Netherrack
1,000 famcoins - Dirt
1,000 famcoins - Cobblestone
2,000 famcoins - Grass
2,000 famcoins - Smooth Stone

Shulker Boxes of Under-the-Sea Blocks
1,000 famcoins - Cooked Cod
2,000 famcoins - Prismarine
4,000 famcoins - Prismarine Bricks
5,000 famcoins - Sea Lanterns

3,000 famcoins - Guardian Special   8)
9 stacks prismarine, 9 stacks prismarine bricks, 3 stacks sea lanterns, and 6 stacks cooked cod.

Specialty Single Items  :o
10,000 famcoins - Full Enchanted Fishing Rod

10,000 famcoins - Full Powered Trident

18,000 famcoins - Conduit

Visit the store in the Main Mall - Green Section 2-0 to see other items offered.  See what you can sell too  ;)

Contact ChrisKnight44 in game to place your order today or post here.  Will accept 1 diamond = 1,000 famcoins.  Hope you have a good day!

Sell your products/homes / Full Powered Tridents!
« on: August 04, 2019, 09:18:24 AM »
Are you looking far and wide for a trident of your very own?  Look no further!  There are currently 15 Tridents available for purchase.

Phoenix, how are they Full Powered Tridents?
Every trident comes fully enchanted with:
  • Channeling - Strikes the target with lightning during storms.
  • Impaling V - Hurts the target more (highest level for most damage).
  • Loyalty III - Returns a thrown trident (highest level for faster return time).
  • Mending - Heal it with xp.
  • Unbreaking III - Keeps it from wearing out as fast (highest level).

I've gotta get me one of these!  How much does one cost?
Due to the fact that the enchanting books are expensive each trident cost $10,000 famcoins -or- 10 diamonds, -or- a combination of famcoins and diamonds.

Can I name the trident?
Absolutely!  Share what you want me to name it and I'll do it for you.

Is there a limit on how many I can buy?
Nope, you can buy one or all!

Please contact me in game if you are interested in buying one  :)  Happy Minecrafting!

Famcraft Survival / Tropical Fish Challenge
« on: March 08, 2019, 07:43:19 AM »
Now that Famcraft is in version 1.13, you may have noticed there are a bunch of fish swimming about in the ocean.  There are literally thousands of different types of tropical fish variants out there...and I want your help finding them!

Tropical fish will spawn in warm oceans and coral reefs.  There are 22 different common varieties with specific names which I already have.  The goal is to find the unique unnamed ones.  If you put them in a bucket, the name will show as {Type of Fish} (Color 1)-[Color2]

Larger Types of Fish:  Flopper, Stripey, Glitter, Blockfish, Betty, Clayfish
Smaller Types of Fish:  Kob, SunStreak, Snooper, Dasher, Brinely, Spotty

But wait, there's more!

For the 1st fish type of any combination:  $1,000 Famcoins
For the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th of any combination:  $500 Famcoins
For every 10 fish up to 30:  Shell Bonus!  (Could be a nautilus shell, turtle shell, shulker shell [chest])

Contact ~Phoenix (ChrisKnight44) in game on Main to show me your fishies.  If you have a winner, I'll buy it from you :)

Question:  What do I need to catch a fish?
Answer:  Fill a bucket with water and right click the fish, it's that easy!

Question:  Do I need to collect all 3,000+ to participate?
Answer:  No!  You can find a single fish or a whole bunch, it doesn't matter!

Question:  Is there a limit on the number of fish I can bring you?
Answer:  No limit on the quantity other than 4 of each variety.

General Discussion / Refresh you Security
« on: January 18, 2017, 05:02:35 AM »
Good morning,

I woke up this morning to an email at 4:35am.  Apparently someone hacked into my account on Mojang and changed my username from ChrisKnight44 to kriss15.  I have since changed the password and security questions as a precaution and contacted Mojang.  However, unless they don't change it back I will be stuck with a username that a hacker gave me.

I want to remind everyone out there that this can happen to anyone and not just on Minecraft but an email account, bank account, etc.  Please check that you have security in place to prevent such things.  In  the mean time, please ignore my username :P


Mojang has written back and restored my username today.  I want to thank the awesome Admins and Staff that we have.  They kindly gave me a temporary nick name so that I didn't have to look at the unchosen one.  Thank you!

Sell your products/homes / Ocean Monuments
« on: November 22, 2016, 01:48:10 PM »
Up for sale are some all original ocean monuments.  Interiors are dry, access to all rooms with ladders and cobble stone slabs.  All blocks are present including sea lanterns and gold blocks.  Configurations very a bit and are ready for your creative transformation into a home base, guardian farm, player owned mall, clan base, etc.  Please leave an offer or message me in game if interested.  Asking 20k as described.  Thank you :)

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