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Plea to be unbanned / My final request.
« on: February 11, 2023, 09:41:01 AM »
Hello to whom it may concern,

My name is Defalt but I have previously gone by EvilVirtualMan.

Before I state my reasoning for appealing one last time, I want to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry to any of the staff, any of the players, etc. for any harassment made by me or any of my friends these past 5 or so years.

As of writing this, I will be 21 in a few months and over time I’ve grown and realized how toxic I was acting like a crybaby over a minecraft server. My behavior was inexcusable and especially for getting some of my own friends to spread my message of hate. What it took me so long to realize is 1. This a minecraft server. It’s not that deep. 2. This is your server with your rules. I should have respected that like you guys have respected me. So I deeply apologize for all of my unnecessary actions. All of my YouTube videos made on the server negatively have also been taken down.

So the reason why im applying: 21 is a crazy age for me now that I’ll basically be an adult. It’s also gonna be my 10th year on YouTube. My wish is to be unbanned so I can visit one of the most important places of my childhood one more time. I’d love to show my current community what I grew up on, and also my girlfriend.

I apologize for also getting personal about some of the details but I’d rather just be honest.

If you choose to deny the appeal and ban this account I’m totally understanding since I’ve been a pain to this server for years. But I will admit I have grown as a person and am trying to learn from my mistakes.

Thank you again,


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