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General Discussion / RichCorp™ Freedom Tower
« on: February 09, 2014, 05:06:55 PM »

Hello members of Famcraft!

I am ARich, here to proudly announce the completion of the tallest tower on famcraft. The tower was built by myself, with major help from Sasikins, ~Kenneth (Stone Supplier), ~Rowan (Stone Supplier), Micahdg (Glass and Stone Supplier), Scratnum, FantasyTeddy, and zOracle.
In order to get a floor in this tower, we ask that you follow the rules listed in the lobby of the tower. To access the tower, please go to the clan affiliated gates and go to RichCorp. You do not have to be a member of RichCorp to own a floor.

Floors are 100% FREE! Contact ARich via the reply section below to get yours! Once there are no floors left, I will update this topic.
Future Plans For The Tower
-Underground floors stretching to bedrock
-Self sustaining farms
-Storage facility

ASSIGNMENTS (Updated 2/10/14)
Floor 1 : Sasikins
Floor 2: ~Kenneth
Floor 3: FantasyTeddy
Floor 4: EpicEdward72
Floor 5: HaydenTheBuilder
Floor 6: ZRoad1202
Floor 7: Epicniss11
Floor 8: Kurby25
Floor 9: Vacant!
Floor 10: Vacant!
Floor 11: Vacant!
Floor 12: Vacant!
Floor 13: Vacant!
Floor 14: MrChris13
Floor 15: vespamarito
Floor 16: SteveBlu
Floor 17: PPawn11
Floor 18: ~Pugzlien
Floor 19: TheAwesome_Miner
Floor 20:Scratnum
Floor 21: zOracle
Floor 22 (Highest Floor): ARich

Hey Everyone.

The reason most of you haven't seen me online is pretty simple. I was spending 10-12 hours on a computer per day at any time, it was severely unhealthy for my brain. My parents took me off for good, and I saw a psychiatrist. I didn't mean to not be online, but I just did not have the strength to do so. I went through an addiction withdraw (some may see this as a dark topic, sorry). It was the worst 3 weeks of my entire life.

However, I am all better now (I hope :D). I will not be spending a lot of time on the server anymore. It would be highly appreciated if you understood my logic behind this decision. I am sorry I let you all down, taking a job and then inadvertently quitting. I hope you can all understand.

With love,


I don't know, my personal 2 favorite additions in order are:
1. Carpets
2. Horses

Fell free to leave your own feelings/thoughts/expectations about the update!

Enchanted Diamond Items
All items enchanted at level 30!

Hello there famcrafters. I am ARich, here to bring you a new addition to famcraft. ARich's Enchanted item's shop! Right now, the shop only offers enchanted DIAMOND tools. If you would like a custom order, please indicate below or talk to me in game. I will be adding to the list of enchanted items, so check back regularly if you cannot find what you want!

For Enchanted Pickaxes Like:

Efficiency IV
Fortune III (or Silk Touch I)
Un-breaking III

I ask a minimum bid of 5k.

For Enchanted Pickaxes Like:

Efficiency IV
Un-breaking III

I ask a minimum bid of 4k.

ANYTHING ELSE, the bid MUST be greater then 3k. I can't stand people who bid 1 famcoin.
I won't be adding Stone< Tools, so don't ask. They are a waste of time.



Diamond Pickaxes
1. 1x Fortune III
3. 1x Fortune III Efficiency IV
4. 1x Fortune III Efficiency IV Unbreaking III
5. 2x Fortune II Efficiency IV Unbreaking III
6. 1x Efficiency IV Unbreaking III

Diamond Swords
1. Knockback II Bane Of Arthropods II Fire aspect II
2. Knockback I Bane of Arthropods III


Famcraft Survival / Introducing Oasis!
« on: May 27, 2013, 08:24:08 AM »
~Where dreams come true~

Hello members of Famcraft Survival! I am here to announce the grand opening of a NEW CITY, Oasis! Oasis is open to all, but there are a few rules that come with joining our wonderful community. All plots are 100% Free, but you are responsible for the management of your own plot. WE ALSO OFFER: a Mall, (Ownership of mall shops is limited to current residents) A Skeleton Spawner, and Wheat&Cane farms.
Manager: ARich
Owner: Egijr


1. Please Make your house presentable. (ie. Windows, a good frame) No boxes!!
2. If you leave the town, notify egijr or ARich. You also must clear your plot and mall shop.
3. Please respect other player's privacy, do not intrude on their plot unless you have permisson to.
4. Stay inside the glowstone for your plot, (Do NOT Cover any of the corners)
5. Do not STEAL from someone, or try to rip other players off at your mall shop.
6. All server rules apply (obviously).

Let's talk Plots!


These are the plots. Think of this like a chess board or coordinate plane. (ex. 1A. 6B)

~Plots taken~

If you would like a plot, please indicate which one below.

Advertise Your Clan / Clan ACE!
« on: May 21, 2013, 04:06:48 PM »
A Clan for everbody

Hello FamCraft! I'd like to announce the opening of clan ACE to the public. Ace is a peaceful, no violent clan with good intentions. We are a group started from the soldering ashes of the ancient Clan ATLAS, and we'd like to follow in their footsteps. Our clan home is complete with a FREE xp grinder, a FREE mall, FREE Farms, and FREE plots. However, in order to acsess the following, you must join! To join, talk to ARich or Aberusd.
Clan Rules Include, but are not limited to:

1) Respect other clan members.
2) Do Not Claim your own mall shop, ask first.
3) Do Not Claim your own plot, ask first.
4) If you leave, please clear your plot, and store.
5)Follow all server Rules
6) Have Fun![/size]
Some Pics!:

Advertise Your Clan / Close
« on: January 25, 2013, 04:11:41 PM »
Closed. not a clan.

Plea to be unbanned / Instructions on making a worthwhile ban plea.
« on: May 31, 2012, 09:44:30 PM »

First, when you make a ban plea put your heart into it. If you're writing a sentence and arguing with staff the entire time, chances are you won't be unbanned. When we view ban pleas we look for users who admit their mistake and correctly apologize.

A worthwhile ban plea should include the following:

- an apology stating what you did wrong and how you will fix it
- any reason why you should not have been banned (no page-long argument)
- details including your ban (i.e if it was temporary or permanent)

If you don't know WHY you were banned, simply start a new topic asking why you were banned and we will explain the details to you.

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