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Title: Plea To Be Unbanned
Post by: mv1az on August 28, 2022, 09:00:04 PM

A couple years ago, my account (pupppp26) was banned for the following reasons such as griefing, and not saying appropriate words on the server. Although I made a appeal years ago, I would like to give it another try. I would like to apologize about my previous actions as I should've have known that saying those words on a family friendly server wasn't ethical at all. It was not appropriate, and I apologize about the situation as this should've been dealt with outside of minecraft. As for the griefing, I apologize about the stealing. I shouldve worked for the items instead of stealing it from someone. I know those actions weren't right, and I understand the consequences for my actions. I  understand the guidelines, and I promise that I will follow them again.
Thank you.