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Bugs and glitches / Server crashed
« on: July 12, 2020, 12:55:59 PM »
Just FYI, I was on skyblock and the server crashed about 5 min ago.  I tried to reconnect but it does not seem to have auto-bounced, not even to the backup server.  Chat through the website also seems down.

I thought I'd mention it just in case admins have not seen it yet.

EDIT:  It now gives the error message "We've updated to Minecraft 1.15.2" even though I am launching with 1.15.2.   I am wondering if the server got updated to 1.16 or 1.16.1 and the error message has not been adjusted.  EDIT 2:  It is definitely not 1.16.1, just to double-check I launched with the latest version (1.16.1) and it still gives the same error.

General Discussion / Skyblock questions:
« on: July 03, 2020, 09:06:58 AM »
1) What version is skyblock running?  Is it one of the 1.13 or is it earlier?  (From the behavior it looks like it is not 1.14.x or 1.15.x)

2) Do you have plans to upgrade skyblock in the near future?  I ask because the sheep dispenser-shearing does not work in the installed version and the alternative is to use entity cramming to breed/kill sheep, but to get every color that is a LOT of sheep and I am willing to bet that it causes lag at least for me if not for the whole server.  So if it is coming in the next week/month I'd rather wait and do the auto-shear 1 sheep per color design instead.  Or is there a good wool farming design that can be used right now?

3) Enderpearl challenge has me puzzled.  I don't see a way to portal to the end, and thus I can't figure out how to make an enderman farm on skyblock.  Suggestions?
EDIT:  Could it be through spawners at the top of the 2nd nether tower?  Or could it be through temporarily changing biome with /sky biome so that they can spawn on my main island?

4) Brown dye is supposed to be crafted from cocoa beans.  Does not seem to work on skyblock.   Alternative crafting?
5) Blue dye is supposed to be smelted from lapislazuli, but it won't smelt on skyblock.  Alternative crafting?
EDIT:  Could it be that I need to use them directly instead of making dye?

6) Can I reset "just my nether" without affecting the main island?

7) Is there a better way to get obsidian than picking up buckets of lava in the nether, bring it back to the overworld, and make obsidian by pouring water on it?

Bugs and glitches / Horse/Llama bugs
« on: November 05, 2017, 10:27:28 AM »
There are a lot of strange things going on with the horse plugin.

- Sometimes horses disappear from their pen, but they still show in the list.

- TPing them to me, Storing them, and Summoning back tend to return them... sort of.  Sometimes it is not the same horse/llama.  Other times, it is a baby.  Other times they end up multiplying, ending up with numbered horses coming instead of the ones I summoned.

In other words, all kinds of strange things happen.  In the end I ended up with about twice as many horses and llamas as I should have had, but they were not the good looking ones I had to begin with. 

All in all I would not call this critical, but it almost defeats the purpose of the horse plugin.

Bad for me and bad for the server as the population increases through bugs.

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