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Report a grief / A grief of some sort...
« on: May 25, 2014, 11:21:10 PM »
I live at 40932, 72, 64462 on the FTB server and seem to have been griefed by the placement of a precious stones protection field near or inside my house. When I logged in on 5/26 at about midnight, I had a few messages from bu4444, whom I live with, about not being able to do anything. I had recently built an Ars Magica light nexus, which uses diamond blocks, and at first I worried that I had accidentally placed one as a protection field. However, I am unable to break those blocks, or access any inventories or GUI's whatsoever! Could an admin please remove this mystery protection field?

I guess I will have to claim my area now--previously I was just relying on the honesty of the community to keep me safe. If this was a purposeful act done with bad intent, I am very disappointed in the perpetrator; I have only been with Famcraft for a short time but I already know that this kind of behaviour is not accepted in this community.

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