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Title: What I did was wrong, and stupid
Post by: Star_Strikes on October 14, 2019, 03:47:01 PM
I want to start off by saying thank you for the several years you have allowed me to play on this server. It has truly been a blessing.

 I can not stress how sincerely sorry I am for what I did. I had recently stumbled upon how to dupe items, and was trying to get the glitch up and running on the server. I don't know how I could let myself become so greedy all of a sudden. Thankfully, I was never able to get the glitch working, and all I can say I gained from it was a boat load of wasted time. It was selfish, stupid, and wrong. I hope that you have been able to see me for more than just that one bad player who broke the rules, but also as one who has tried his best to help those in need, whether it be through tips, lending some items, or building assistance. It is true, what I did was very wrong, and I accept full responsibility for what I have done. If the tool I was using to dupe (I will not say what it was to help prevent others from using this method) is still there, and hasn't already been destroyed, I will more than gladly be rid of it.
I attempted to use a duplication glitch knowing full well that it was indeed against the rules, and all it got me was a ban. I am deeply sorry, and if you do choose to give me a second chance, I can assure you that i will never do anything remotely like this again. I completely understand your decision if you choose not to allow me to continue playing. Famcraft has been a fantastic experience to me with its friendly community. Again, I thank you for all the great years you have allowed me to play on this server.
Thank you for taking the time to read my plea.