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Title: Plea to be unbanned
Post by: Bluebrick on July 20, 2020, 02:44:53 PM
Hello Famcraft,
I am Honeysword, aunt of NovieBee (8 years old). I would like to thank you for creating this great server which is very family friendly. I understand NovieBee has been temporarily banned twice and then permanently banned:

Temporarily banned:
1.   While in the games server – Reason: I believe she was spamming/hitting other players as the banned message said “you are no longer welcome to play here”
2.   While in the main server – Reason: I believe she said an inappropriate word such as “toilet” (as what she has explained to me) as the banned message said, “you’ve been told not to say that here”.

Permanently banned:
3.   While in the main server – Reason: she was being dramatic – crying over being hit/ dying or losing her items as the banned message said, “Go cry somewhere else. You’ve been warned about the drama”

I have explained to her that what she has said/done is wrong. She understands her wrongdoings and promises not to do it again as she really enjoys playing in this server along with other players. She misses playing with them.

Here is her apology in her own words:
I am sorry, I will not say these words and I will not hit other players. I will be better and I will not spam and will not type “crying for help” I promise to follow the rules. I will be happy to join this server again because I made many friends in the server and I want to play with them again.

I would appreciate if NovieBee would be unbanned.
Can you please share the chat logs that caused her bans.

Thank you,
Title: Re: Plea to be unbanned
Post by: Bluebrick on August 21, 2020, 01:20:42 PM
Dear Admins,
I would like to follow-up on our unban plea that we have posted a month ago. I have been wondering if you could please supply the chat logs on how the rules have been trespassed.

Kind regards,
Title: Re: Plea to be unbanned
Post by: Thoatt on September 07, 2020, 01:30:28 PM
I want to stress that this was not a one-time thing. NovieBee has a history of spamming and not paying attention to staff. Here is the chat log from right before Novie was permbanned:

ASG.NovieBee: i lost my stuf in a ice place
ASG.NovieBee: help
ASG.NovieBee: help my stuff
NovieBee was slain by Ravager
ASG.NovieBee: noo
ASG.NovieBee: crying
ASG.NovieBee: need
ASG.NovieBee: help
IRC.Kealper: ^help
IRC.AuBot: [139] ^help: Staff DOES help with server/plugin related things. Staff does NOT help fight mobs,make it day,turn off rain,build mine or collect resources for you.The staff team cares about you <3, but we enjoy g
etting a chance to play the game when we are not busy assisting with server related issues.Surviving on your own is part of playing on a survival server.
ASG.NovieBee: help i am crying my stuff
IRC.RubensCherub: Staff does not help with raids
IRC.RubensCherub: Novie- stop
ASG.NovieBee: help help
IRC.RubensCherub: Novie if you continue the drama you will be banned
ASG.NovieBee: i am crying

It's very important that NovieBee understands the rules and pays attention to staff. I have unbanned them. Please make sure to go over the rules with them on the spawn wall.
Title: Re: Plea to be unbanned
Post by: Bluebrick on September 12, 2020, 10:09:01 AM
Dear Thoatt,

A message from NovieBee:
Thank you for everything that you have done to unban me. I promise I will not break the rules and I have learnt my lesson that I will not spam or cry. I understand that Minecraft is just a game and im not supposed to get upset about losing things in Minecraft. I will read the rules with Honeysword and Pupsratte and understand them very well not to make any more mistakes.

We will also keep an eye on her to make sure she follows the rules. We appreciate that you have unbanned her.

Thank you,
Honeysword & Pupsratte