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Title: DeathChest Changes
Post by: RubensCherub on July 17, 2014, 11:45:12 PM
Dear Famcrafters,

  This message is being sent to all Famcrafter's who currently have access to the DeathChest Plugin.
 The features of this plugin are being altered to remove the bedrock gravestone option. From this point onward, all DeathChest users will need to be sure they have created a DeathChest chest, for their items to be placed in upon their death.
 You can have one DeathChest per world. This includes the main Overworld, the End, and the Nether, as well as the EnderEstates World.
 To create a DeathChest, place a chest (single, double, standard chest) and place a sign directly above the chest. On the TOP line of the sign, simply type [DeathChest] in square brackets. You will see a message that says  "Deathchest created for world:[world]"
 After the creation of your DeathChest, any time you die, your items will be automatically deposited into the chest for you. If you fear running out of space, you can expand your DeathChest storage space with hoppers, and additional chests.
 Thank you for your contribution to Famcraft. We look forward to seeing you on the server.   -The Admin Team

Title: Re: DeathChest Changes
Post by: RubensCherub on February 04, 2015, 04:03:38 PM
 We have now added /warp deathchest, also available with /warp dc

 This warp is available only to DeathChest users. This warp will take you to a SG Room that links to a chest room in each world.  You can select one chest per world if you like. There is no obligation to use the chests in the areas provided. You can still choose to use your own chest at your own location. This is just an option to make things a bit easier for DeathChest users.