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Survival Server Status / Early September Server Maintenance
« on: September 03, 2019, 01:38:21 PM »
Howdy All!

We are doing some server moves and general maintenance for Famcraft.

Throughout the course of today, Main will be offline.

Other services such as the admin request system, image vault, among other various Famcraft services will be offline.

The Famcraft website and classic game server will remain online throughout this maintenance.

We expect services to be back up and running by sometime this weekend.

Thank you for your patience!

- Thoatt

General Discussion / Re: Question About a Mod?
« on: September 02, 2019, 08:24:34 PM »
Voxel Minimap is fine to use.

It's not against any rules, however we don't give any players warps. We would advise protecting it with PS stones to make sure nothing can be damaged.

- Thoatt

Currently our FTB server is on hold. We may start it back up eventually, but we do not run it all the time as it crashes quite a bit.

Currently our FTB server is on hold. We may start it back up eventually, but we do not run it all the time as it crashes quite a bit.

server crashed and needed a swift kick - should be good now

Plea to be unbanned / Re: unban plea from an old member
« on: May 11, 2019, 12:10:01 AM »
Due to your long history with griefing many many players, constant arguing with staff, and inflammatory comments, we will not be letting you back onto the server.

Good luck on your journeys.

- Thoatt

Famcraft Survival / Re: Forum Raffle!
« on: May 10, 2019, 02:38:12 PM »
Thank you for playing all! We'll announce the winner soon!!

Famcraft Survival / Re: Questions about structure moving
« on: April 29, 2019, 09:22:35 PM »
1. Yes - we move a big cuboid - doesn't affect what's around it at the destination
2. Most things move. Items in chests usually move fine these days but we ask that you move things over manually in chests. Pets, mobs, golems, and armor stands don't move.
3. The diamonds will move, but the precious stone fields do not - you'll have to break and place the diamond blocks again to re-set up the ps field.
4. Source area remains flat. We move the builds without fixing anything after.

- Thoatt

Famcraft Survival / Forum Raffle!
« on: April 23, 2019, 12:23:52 PM »
Greetings all!

For our 7th birthday, we are doing a forum raffle! The prizes will be a main mall shop, among others!

To Enter - just reply to this topic with any message, and you'll be entered to win!

Good luck!!!

Maintenance complete and all servers back online.

Thank you!

- Thoatt

Greetings y'all!

Just an update - we'll be doing a short maintenance at 00:01-00:30 on Monday, March 18th. Fallback will be online during this time. Main, Classic, Games, Wastelands, and Skyblock will all be offline for the duration of this maintenance.

Thank you!

- Thoatt

Thank you for your patience - the maintenance has completed for this evening.

- Thoatt

Plea to be unbanned / Re: look what a peril im in...
« on: February 24, 2019, 07:49:47 PM »
I'll humor you with a response, but you won't be allowed back after joining the game like you did today. Your alt account is banned as well.

You were initially banned (3 years, 11 months ago) because you joined the server, didn't say anything, ignored staff telling you to stop killing animals, and were in the process of killing someone's pet horse.

If you wanted to come back and play, you should not have joined today with an alt (which is against the rules), threatening "revenge" and swearing.

Good luck finding a server that will tolerate your actions, because we won't.

- Thoatt

Famcraft Survival / What we've been working on! 1.13!
« on: January 26, 2019, 10:15:53 PM »
Howdy all!

This has been the most technically challenging update that we've had to go through. As some of you know, the update from 1.12 to 1.13 removed the block IDs, and blocks are now addressed by block names, breaking a lot of things. Quite a few of our plugins have either had manual code changes, updates, or in some cases removal all-together. The update process for this is multi-day and requires downtime, so we wanted to share our plan moving forward:

Our Famcraft classic map has been updated to 1.13!!! Please feel free to join the server on 1.13.2, and do "/server classic" to visit it on 1.13! You can use "/warp aquatic" to go to a new map that's all 1.13 as well! Please make sure to explore far before building!

The Main server needs to be taken down for the multi-day process of converting it to 1.13 as well. However - Classic(1.13.2 only), skyblock, games, and wastelands(1.12.2/1.13.2) will still be available to play on during this time. We hope to start this process sometime next week.
Once the main map is updated, we will bring that server back online, and make it the default server when new people join, and you can return to playing on it. We hope to do this sometime next week if things go well with testing.

Our ask from players:
The staff and admins have done lots of testing on our 1.13 test server, but we never seem to find all the bugs. We would like everyone to play on classic! Join on 1.13.2, switch over to classic, and play like normal! Let us know of bugs, or if something doesn't work quite right. Feel free to post here, or put in a ticket to address it!

Thank you for your patience while we work on this over the next few weeks!

- Thoatt

Disclaimer - Although we have not found any game-breaking bugs or serious issues, if any arise that we can't resolve, we may have to roll the classic server back to 1.12.

Things are looking good so far, and we have taken main down for conversion. Thank you for your patience while we work on the conversion.

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