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Hi Thoatt,

I had been having issues connecting as well.  Last night after you worked on the server I was able to see the server and log on to the game.  Today however, I am getting the same message I was previously getting.  It's the same one Kurby25 mentioned. "Can't connect to server".  If I try a direct connect I get "java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: no further information"  Not sure if that helps, but wanted to add it.


Famcraft Survival / Re: Forum Raffle!
« on: May 02, 2019, 08:18:33 PM »
Add me please!


Thanks for looking into this. I am still having issues.  I tried a couple of times over the past few days and it still says it can't connect.  If you are able to connect, it may be something on my end. I can try it every once in a while to see if it ever sees the server from my computer.  if not, no worries, I have plenty I can do on survival.


I was wondering if someone can help me with getting on to the FTB server. I have tried a few different ways. I launched the FTB Infinity Evolved mod through the FTB launcher, as well as tried it through Twitch.  Both times I went to version 2.6.0. I clicked on multiplayer, added the address ftbinfinity.famcraft.com and it gives me a message saying "Can't connect to server".  It doesn't seem to be finding the server.  I am attaching a few images showing what my steps are. If anyone knows what I am doing wrong I would appreciate the help.

General Discussion / Re: Getting to know each other.
« on: March 13, 2015, 05:58:40 PM »
Hello I'm Ginger aka curcumas! I am originally from New Jersey, but have lived in Florida, Texas and now Colorado, just outside of Denver, for the past 20 years. I used to work as a lab geologist. Best job ever! I loved playing with dirt and rocks! Years later I worked as a paralegal for a while. Now, I mostly work on raising my son Connor/Cupcakeosaurus who is 5. I have been playing video games since I was very young. I moved my way up through Atari, Sega, Nintendo, Play Station, computer, etc.  Now I'm hooked on Minecraft, which I play a lot with my son and husband/curril when he has time to join in. Playing on a server with others is relatively new to me, which is probably obvious to anyone who has talked to me,  :).  I want to say, I find everyone on this server to be so friendly and helpful. I am grateful for all the help especially with learning all the commands, thank you! Looking forward to getting to know you all. See you on Famcraft!

General Discussion / Re: NEW Famcraft Family Photo!! Sign up now!! :D
« on: February 27, 2015, 12:01:14 PM »
I'm in also, I love this server! You can also add my son. He is young so I speak for him
curcumas for me, Cupcakeosaurus for him!

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