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General Discussion / Enter to win PRIZE DRAWINGS
« on: October 26, 2018, 11:21:46 PM »
Could be diamond tools, weapons, money or more!

Drop your head in the hopper for a chance to win!
The shop is at Ravine Mall 2

DRAWING will be every Saturday at 6:00 pm EST

Drawings will continue until I run out of items to give away!

1. Only one head per player to be in all the drawings.
(If you don't want to die to get your head, let me know. I  will add you.)
2. If winner does not want prize, a new name will be drawn.

The winner will get to choose what they want from the Prize
Box and this is a picture of what is in this one:

Good Luck!

General Discussion / ladywolf's farm pictures
« on: June 01, 2018, 11:08:48 AM »
Well I finally got some pictures of my animals to post so you can see what I chat about all the time :P

This is sirbumblebee_ and his dad checking our beehives. We harvest the honey in the summer and fall

This is Mouse, a barn cat

This is Sugar, a barn cat

This is Smokey, a barn cat

These are baby chicks and chickens. We keep and get many different kinds of chickens. sirbumblebee_ has Tophat chickens (they have a lot of feathers right on top their heads) and my daughter, CaseyRose has Nankin bantams (they are mini chickens, half the size of a regular chicken)

These are cows we used to have. They have horns but they are girls. The big one in the back chased me all the time and we sold them because I was tired of jumping over the fence when she was in a bad mood :P

These are our pound puppies I call them :) We adopted them from the animal shelter my daughter volunteers at.
This is Zeus, Luna and Rosie

These are British Guernsey and Nigerian Dwarf goats. These are dairy goats and I milk them and make cheese from the milk

This is my daughter's horse Casey

This is Belle. We kept her for a friend. She was 30 years old when she passed away a couple years ago. She was not ours exactly, but she was part of our family :)

These are American Guinea Hogs and some other pigs

The piglets and kittens checking each other out is one of my favorite farm pictures :)

These are my daughter, CaseyRose's rabbits

This is a Silver Fox rabbit

This is a Thrianta rabbit

This is a Blue Silver Fox rabbit

This is Sam, our ram. He is a Blackbelly sheep and has hair instead of wool

a Blackbelly sheep and lambs

these are Bluefaced Leicester sheep. We shear these sheep and my daughter and I make crafts from the wool

some babies :)

These are the baby turkeys

These are the turkeys at a month old that we moved yesterday to a bigger pen.
They grow fast :)

I would love to see pictures of your pets or animals if you want to share them :).


Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved 1.7.10 / Whitelist Request please
« on: December 04, 2017, 02:16:22 PM »
Could you please add us to the whitelist for FTB?
ladywolf_, CaseyRose and sirbumblebee_

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