Author Topic: My Child keeps getting kicked for "AFK" ?  (Read 4462 times)

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My Child keeps getting kicked for "AFK" ?
« Opened on January 27, 2016, 09:26:24 PM »
 If your child tells you they keep getting kicked for "AFK" - it's true! But this does not mean your child is in trouble. These kicks are not a disciplinary action. They are done automatically by the server once a player has been "Away from the Keyboard" (AFK) or inactive in game for 10 minutes.

 This automatic kick is for the benefit of both the server and the player. It benefits the server by preventing an unwanted build-up of mobs in the loaded area where the player is standing, and by giving staff an accurate count of players who are currently active on the server. And even more importantly, it helps protect the player and their inventory. For example, if a wandering creepers explodes and kills an afk player, after a mere 5 minutes, their items that were on the ground will despawn and be lost forever :( Nobody wants that. It's never a good idea to AFK for an extended period of time.

 An "AFK Pool" is any device intended to PREVENT the AFK kick. This includes things like minecarts on a track going in a constant circle, water pushing a player in a circle to emulate walking and jumping or bouncing machines to keep in game movement going even when the player is not actively in game playing. These devices are NOT allowed on Famcraft.

 If you child actually NEEDS to go AFK but still have Minecraft visible, or if they need to be still in the game for a long time like while writing a book then they can visit /warp afk - the only LEGAL AFK pool on the server. This is located at spawn and is safe from mobs and/or unwanted pvp.

 Thanks for taking the time to learn about our AFK kicks and policies.