Author Topic: My Child Does Not Read/Type Well. Can He Still Play?  (Read 4835 times)

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My Child Does Not Read/Type Well. Can He Still Play?
« Opened on February 03, 2016, 09:07:56 PM »
 Even if your child is not yet an avid conversationalist he is more than welcome to join us here on Famcraft. Being able to read and type in chat is not a requirement to play on the server.
 We DO ask that you carefully review the rules with your child especially if they are not able to read the rules for themselves. Even if a player can not communicate in chat, we still count on them to learn and follow the rules.

 Also, please make sure your child knows even if they are not able to type in chat there may still be times a staff member will make an effort to get their attention or to get a parent to come to the computer to assist with an issue.

 Ways we might try to get a player's attention include:

*Teleporting to the player and walking or flying around them.

*Making "lightening" strike near the player to produce light and sound at their location.

*Displaying a large, bright pink message on the screen that includes their username

*Placing them in a fun playground-themed "jail" area they can not exit till we speak to a parent. There are some signs in the room to tell a parent how to contact staff.

Other ways we may non-verbally communicate with other players:

* "Bowing" to a player. The universal Minecraft "Hello!" Accomplished by pressing the shift-key.

* Jumping near a player. Another friendly Hello, or an effort to draw the player's attention to an area.

* Jumping towards or on something near a player. "Look at this". May be used to point out a helpful resource, or to point out an issue like failure to replant.

* Tossing something at the player, such as seeds or a sapling. We DO NOT give away items to players, so when this happens it is usually us asking a player to replant an area they missed at a public farm.

* Teleporting a player to a location of concern- example, a place they did not replant, or a place they broke something.

 While we do usually make an effort to communicate with a player if there is an issue and the player is online, if the player is unwilling or unable to respond they may be banned pending a plea from a parent so we can make sure to avoid future issues.