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« Opened on September 14, 2020, 06:51:48 PM (Edited October 07, 2020, 06:49:02 PM) »
The point of Uptrade is to start with something of little value and trade it for something better over and over until you end up with something very valuable. However, this isn't a traditional forum game! Instead of just typing responses, players actually trade real (in-game) items on the FamCraft server and come here to talk about their progress and experience. I based Uptrade on a real life situation where someone was able to get a house by uptrading a red paperclip in only 14 steps!

How to play:
Find an item or something in-game that seems worthless and ask if somebody will trade you for it. Then take whatever you got, and trade it with somebody else. Keep going until you get reach your goal. That goal could be a specific thing you want, or maybe you just want to see how far you can get in a set number of steps. (you could also play in reverse, start with something valuable and see how long it takes you to end up with something worthless). Make a post when you start the game, and keep us updated on how you are doing (one post per player per game, you can play more than once though, or post other questions/comments).

A few rules*:
1) Follow the FamCraft server and forum rules!
2) No pestering! Players must wait at least an hour (preferably longer) between asking others to trade. (We don't want to be annoying!)
3) Trade the whole item(s), and only that item(s). If you have 7 string, you trade the next person 7 string.
4) It's fine to mention that this is for a game, but don't use that to get better trades. (no conspiracy either)
5) Trades must be for item(s), not famcoins. Chestshops are out of bounds.
6) Item(s) don't have to be items, they could be structures or places (almost anything in-game), you could trade a tree if you wanted! :)
7) try to keep your posts condensed so they are easier to read and not 'spammy.'

*Rules subject to change as needed, check back every once in a while.