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Three men decide to stay the night in a hotel. They get a room together and the receptionist tells them the room is 30$, so they each pay 10$. Once they get to their room, the receptionist realizes he made a mistake and that the room was only worth 25$, so he sends a bellman to give the men their 5$.
The bellman, who was greedy and selfish, took 2$ for himself and gave the men 1$ each. The men got one dollar back from their ten, meaning they each paid 9$. Together, that makes 27 dollars, plus the 2$ that the bellman took making it 29$. Where did the extra dollar go?

Good luck with this one!

These kinds of riddles make my head hurt so much ;-; but I think I found the solution.

The three men each pay $10, totaling to $30.
The refund was for $5, meaning that the total was only $25.

So, the end result,
The three men have $3, the bellboy has $2, and the receptionist has the $25.

That totals to thirty dollars. :)

Next riddle! As a hint, the answer is a play on words (commonly known as a pun :3)

Forward I am heavy, but backward I am not. What am I?

That answer does work ApolloMew, but it is not the traditional answer  ;D! I asked "Where did the extra dollar go?" not where the 30$ was. The true answer is that there is no missing dollar. The men payed 27$, 25$ of which went to the room and the other 2$ was taking by the bellman. Therefore you can't add 2$ to the 27 because the 2$ was taken out of the 27. The 30$ really doesn't matter anymore.

For an explanation with more detail, imagine the room cost 3000$. The receptionist then  realized the room was only worth 25$, so he sent the bellman up with 2975$. The bellman couldn't figure out how to split 2975$ evenly among the three men so he gave them each 991$ and took 2$ for himself. No one would ever say "This meant that the 3 men each paid $9 for the room, which is a total of $27 add the $2 that the bellboy kept = $29. Where is the other $2971?" That's just ridiculous! It's obvious that the money was simply shared among the men. It's the same with 27 as it is with 2971.

Also, the answer was ton. A ton is heavy, and backwards it spells not.

I forgot to post a riddle, so here goes!  8)

In a village, a man is famous for being a fool. If you offer him is choice of two different coins, he would always choose the coin of lesser value, whether it was the amount, the weight, the quality, etc. No matter what it was, he always chose the option that made him worse off. One man tested him many times, and finally figured out the fool's reasoning. If it isn't terrible luck, why does the fool always take the coin of lesser value?

Sorry of this one's too hard ...  :-X


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