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It's been ten days since I posted my riddle, so I won the challenge and we'll start over. The answer to the riddle was "Stop imagining." The riddle said "Imagine you're handcuffed in a ..." so you stop imagining!

The next riddle:

You're locked in a room. The room is empty except for a chocolate cake and a knife. How do you escape?

Remember ... ten days!

I got dis. So, you cut the cake in half with the knife. Now, you have to halves, and two halves make a whole. Then you crawl through the hole to escape the room! Right ?  :-X

Here's my riddle:
How do you make the number 7 even without using math?

Take away the S!!!

Ahh... beat me to it.

Uhh, you didn't add a riddle yet, so, I guess I will? Sorry if this one is a bit too hard.

A man gives one of his sons fifteen cents, and he gives ten cents to his other son.
What time is it?

Edit 2:

You are correct Taslekio :D

Took me a while to figure this one out!!  ;D This is a really great riddle!! I collect riddles and memorize them. but I've never heard of this one or even a version of it!!

I went through a couple of possibilities: 10:15, because one son had ten and the other had 15, but that's too easy.

The second possibility was that the entire thing was a complete trick question, the money part had nothing to do with it, and the answer was simply the time at which I was reading the question (7:31 p.m.) But that wouldn't make sense.

I was fooling around with the numbers themselves. 10 + 15 is 25, and I was working that around, too. Then I realized: 25 is a quarter of 100 (or 1$, or 100 cents). The answer is 1:45 - "a quarter to two" because the two sons got a quarter in total.


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