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Famcraft Overview Map
« Opened on November 12, 2016, 12:33:49 AM (Edited November 12, 2016, 02:46:56 AM) »
 As of 11/12/2016 there will be no further scheduled regular updates to the Famcraft website overviewer map located here: http://map.famcraft.com/#/-82470/64/155148/-4/0/0

 We will leave the currently map data up for archival purposes. We may occasionally force an update. If the map is unavailable, it is likely it is generating new images.

 Sadly, even after many, MANY attempts to have this map update on a regular basis, we have come to the conclusion that keeping the map updated simply is not a viable option.

 As most of you know, the Famcraft survival world maps are unlimited. We all enjoy this feature of Famcraft as it allows us to explore infinitely and make our homes in close knit little neighborhoods or in distant isolated areas depending on out play-style. 
 The only downside to offering our players an umlimited world is.. map size. Our survival server map is well over 195+ GB and growing.
  As you might imagine, it takes a very long time for the map overviewer to generate a fresh copy of the map for the website. By the time the website has completed it's lengthy and resource intensive update.. the map image is already out of date... again.

 We know everyone- players and staff alike, enjoys exploring the website map and seeing all the progress as time goes by. We regret that will will not be able to offer future updates to the map. We do hope everyone will still enjoy scrolling through the years of work that are displayed on the maps as they are.

 If we ever find a more viable option for maintaining a current and updated world map we will make every effort to implement it on the website. Thank you all for understanding.

To be very clear- this in NO WAY effects the IN GAME world maps you know and love. This only pertains to the images of the map stored at: http://map.famcraft.com/#/-82470/64/155148/-4/0/0

 Thanks, Famcrafters!