Author Topic: Please unban me  (Read 1087 times)

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Please unban me
« on: August 23, 2017, 01:24:27 PM »
Hi its me McKenzie26 and i really want to be unbanned i was just messing with B0w_Sn1p3Z_10 also he is my brother and i was just mad because the one admin didnt belive me that i was messing with him. Im sorry and please unban me.

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Re: Please unban me
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2017, 02:20:20 PM »
Hello McKenzie26, at Famcraft, we value honesty a great deal, and you are not being honest with us at this time.
Here's what you told us on the day you were banned:
02:31:52 <FamcraftIRC> [m] McKenzie26: B0w hand the money over NOW
02:31:58 <FamcraftIRC> [m] ~B0w: No
02:32:09 <FamcraftIRC> [m] McKenzie26: then my elytra
02:32:13 <FamcraftIRC> [m] SrMod: ~Brad~✯☣: McKenzie26
02:32:19 <FamcraftIRC> [m] McKenzie26: yes
02:32:27 <FamcraftIRC> [m] SrMod: ~Brad~✯☣: Let's be polite please
02:32:34 <FamcraftIRC> [m] McKenzie26: i am
02:32:35 <FamcraftIRC> [m] SrMod: ~Brad~✯☣: please don't make me ask you again
02:32:45 <FamcraftIRC> [m] McKenzie26: ok
02:32:52 <FamcraftIRC> [m] SrMod: ~Brad~✯☣: you are demanding bow to do something
02:33:00 <FamcraftIRC> [m] SrMod: ~Brad~✯☣: That is not very Famcraft like
02:33:18 <FamcraftIRC> [m] McKenzie26: srry that was my friend
02:33:28 <FamcraftIRC> [m] SrMod: ~Brad~✯☣: It doesn't matter you still need to follow the rules
02:33:33 <FamcraftIRC> [m] SrMod: ~Brad~✯☣: and be respectful to all players
02:33:40 <FamcraftIRC> [m] SrMod: ~Brad~✯☣: Even if you disagree
02:33:57 <FamcraftIRC> [m] McKenzie26: well it wasnt me i wasnt watching her so i couldnt control what she said
02:34:28 <FamcraftIRC> [m] SrMod: ~Brad~✯☣: welp that doesn't matter, because it's what the account does
02:34:42 <FamcraftIRC> [m] SrMod: ~Brad~✯☣: so if your friend is going to act like that do not let her play
02:34:49 <FamcraftIRC> [m] SrMod: ~Brad~✯☣: because she can get your account banned still
02:35:02 <FamcraftIRC> [m] McKenzie26: well i didnt know that she was gonna do that
02:35:18 <FamcraftIRC> [w] SrMod: Chestnut✈: Change your password
02:35:38 <FamcraftIRC> [m] SrMod: ~Brad~✯☣: well I suggest monitoring your account more closely
02:35:44 <FamcraftIRC> [m] McKenzie26: i dont wanna forget it
02:37:00 <FamcraftIRC> [m] McKenzie26: ok well i wasnt expecting that and she said she was joking because B0w is my brother and she knows that so it was just a joke
02:37:17 <FamcraftIRC> [m] SrMod: ~Brad~✯☣: well we do not like joking of that sort here
02:37:34 <FamcraftIRC> [m] SrMod: ~Brad~✯☣: please keep it off Famcraft.
02:37:35 <FamcraftIRC> [m] McKenzie26: well it WASNT my fault
02:38:35 <FamcraftIRC> [m] McKenzie26: yeah so u dont have to make me upset by telling me i did something wrong when it was my friend
Care to try that plea over again? Remember, we do value being honest and telling the truth.

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Re: Please unban me
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2017, 03:25:37 PM »
i redid my plea


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