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Project Rules Help
« Opened on March 18, 2019, 10:22:30 AM (Edited March 18, 2019, 03:16:46 PM) »
   Hello, I am creating a project and wondered if the rules for this project would clash with the server rules. You see, I am building a 10 story gauntlet for a mob fighting challenge. I am not under any circumstances charging famcoin for use of this project, but if anyone wants to buy ownership of it, I will accept a reasonable price for it as I have only been on a month and have no idea what a reasonable price for it would be. Now for the rules. If these are not good rules for the server, please let me know and I will change them. 1. 5 torches are allowed (the rooms will be dark to spawn the mobs), but they will not be allowed to be broken until after the challenge is complete. 2. If you die, you can use /back and then will have to restart the challenge. 3. You can undertake this challenge with a friend, and you can continue if they die but they will have to restart the challenge. 4 The treasure at the top will be for everyone who undertook the challenge, and you may keep all mob loot. 5. No building up the side of the tower. 6. NO blocks will be broken besides torches under any circumstances. All other server rules will apply to this challenge, and if any of these rules go against server rules, please let me know and I will change them. I just want to check my rules. Please don't ban me  :'(
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