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Questions about joining
« Opened on March 24, 2019, 05:14:25 AM »
I'm looking for a safe place where my 9 year old grandson can play in a multiplayer environment. Up until now I have only played with him in a LAN where he likes to build in creative mode and I think it is a bit boring for him only having me around.

His native language is not English, so I wouldn't expect him to participate in chat much or spell things correctly if he did. I would always be there with him in-game, though, and could monitor what is going on in chat.

His restricted ability to communicate with other players coupled with the requirement to play in survival mode might dampen his fun, so I can't predict whether he would enjoy himself, but I think it is worth trying.

My attempt to join a famcraft server to have a preliminary look has not been successful so far. On an external site I found instructions to use survival.famcraft.com as the IP address for directly connecting to a famcraft 13.2 server, but I have had no luck finding instructions on the famcraft site. When I try to join I get kicked because I am not whitelisted on the server. I found a thread where I can request to be whitelisted, but I am a bit confused about what name needs to be whitelisted. I assume it is my Minecraft (Mojang) account name. Is that correct?

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Re: Questions about joining
« Reply #1 on March 24, 2019, 10:41:55 AM »
Welcome! As long as he knows basic English or will have someone with him to translate for him if staff need to get his attention, and can follow the rules, he should do well here.

We're what we like to call "semi-whitelisted", we have the whitelist disabled many hours each day, allowing any new players to join at that time without requesting to be on the whitelist prior to that. All players who have shown they can follow our rules will be added to the whitelist by the admins, so they may continue to log in to play at any time they like.

The place to request to be on the whitelist is here: https://famcraft.com/index.php/topic,12951.0.html
You'd let us know your in-game Minecraft username for the account or accounts that you'd like to use to play here. It would be the name that appears over his head when you two are playing in a world together locally.

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Re: Questions about joining
« Reply #2 on March 25, 2019, 08:43:10 PM »
hay i dont know how to apply my brother how do i apply