Author Topic: 1.14.4 Update Downtime  (Read 1725 times)

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1.14.4 Update Downtime
« Opened on October 13, 2019, 03:41:33 AM »
hey yall!

Good news! We're currently updating Famcraft to 1.14.4!

Bad news is... It'll take some time to perform the update, so main will be offline for some time. If everything goes okay, it could be as little as one day of downtime, but it could also end up being a few days before main is back online, running 1.14.4.

We've sneakily updated classic to 1.14.4 just before this, so if you join and you're sitting in the fallback room (the one with the ice boats!), you can still check out the new 1.14.4 things by typing: /server classic

The other servers, skyblock, wastelands, and games, are also still available to play on as well, though they won't have the new 1.14.4 features yet. You can get to them the same way; Using the /server command.

If you're just wanting to get right into exploring the stuff 1.14.4 brings, hop on over to the classic server with the above command and check out the gates at /warp sg, they'll take you to new, unexplored areas!