Author Topic: Plea to be Unbanned.  (Read 1555 times)

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Plea to be Unbanned.
« on: November 13, 2019, 08:44:27 PM »
Dear Famcraft Staff,

I apologize for my misconduct and the breaking of the clearly stated rules, as it is clearly posted in the handbook given, that the discussing of other servers, as well as using typos to evade certain filters, is not tolerated. In the future, should you allow it, I will try my best and hardest to avoid making these and any other kind of rule infractions. On the other hand, even though I believe that the punishment was well and clearly deserved, I would like to point out, that if you thought that I had tried to bypass scrutiny by typo, that I was simply lazy, and didn't type out the proper thing. I just wanted to make that clear. Details about my ban are unclear, although I do believe that it isn't permanent and that it was caused by the discussion of other servers. Once again, I apologize for my infraction of the rules. I do not blame you if I remain banned.

Sincerely, MorisantDusk

Edit: A period of time has passed. Thank you for your consideration about status of my ban, and I wish that people on your server do not further make mistakes like mine. Once again, thank you for your consideration.
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