Author Topic: Selling spawners?  (Read 2943 times)

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Selling spawners?
« Opened on April 06, 2020, 09:20:26 AM »
Hello, Famcrafters on the forum!

A little while ago, I bought a skele spawner and built around it, it's fantastic. Recently, I stumbled upon a naturally generated one one that was super close to my base. So the questions are:

Can I sell a spawner? (This would need an Admin's help to move it with the 100k cost I assume.)

Can I refund the one I bought (even at a reduced amount)?

Can I change the one I bought to a different type? (I think I saw somewhere the answer to this one is "Nope".)

Basically, I don't need two spawners of the same type and I am looking to recoup the some of the cost of my original purchase (which I think was roughly a year ago?)

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Re: Selling spawners?
« Reply #1 on April 06, 2020, 02:47:51 PM »
Here is what I remember being told (so it might not be 100% right).
To move or change a natural spawned it is 500K, they don’t refund sold spawners. You can sell the spawner you bought but either yourself or the buyer would have to pay for it to be moved.

Personally I think it would be better just to have 2, especially if one is close enough to work while you are doing other things to set it to auto kill and the other for xp.
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