Author Topic: plea to be unbanned from last summer  (Read 473 times)

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plea to be unbanned from last summer
« Opened on April 17, 2020, 07:48:39 PM »
This ban appeal will have two segments about my ban and how my first appeal was unjust.

Ban Appeal:
So I know I was banned for typing the word discord onto a sign after trying to tell my IRL friend to call me on discord in chat. I do understand why I was banned because I did break a rule, but with under the circumstances of the ban I would hope I would get a chance to explain why I broke the rule, which was trying to type discord into the chat and then later onto a sign, so I could understand where I went wrong and improve on in the future or get a warning. discord is not a inappropriate word. Yes I can see why its banned because of the chatting service know as Discord and asking a kid who is possibly playing on the server for their discord username could show a threat to the Childs online safety.

How My First Appeal Was Unjust:
Ok so when I first made a ban appeal I didn't know why I was banned, I made the ban appeal right after I was banned, so I followed what the guide said and ask why I was banned. I did so and I believe two months later I find no reply to why I was banned and my post was deleted. I later found out, by the friend I was trying to tell to call me on discord, I was banned for putting the word discord on a sign. like i said up in my first segment i understand why I was banned but I also feel like I was not treated fairly with my first ban appeal and when I first got banned. in my first appeal i vaguely remember adding "i am willing to talk with a admin to figure out why I was banned and how I could fix it for the future" I got no response to why i was banned nor if I would ever be unbanned. I understand ban appeals are the lowest priority, but how the admin the went over my appeal, I don't know who, was not fair to just delete my post without giving a response or contacting me telling me why it was deleted.

I now accept my ban but I also just want to understand why my first post was treated with disrespect. also so extra info I found my post deleted sometime last year around October-November.

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Re: plea to be unbanned from last summer
« Reply #1 on April 17, 2020, 10:46:40 PM »
 You won't be welcome back. Your plea was treated with the same respect you gave the moderator who told you not to discuss discord here when you turned around and typed it on a sign instead in order to slip it past the filter and the moderator. You'll often find "respect" is a two way street. Farewell.