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Self Guided Tour of Famcraft
« Opened on February 15, 2013, 07:26:11 AM (Edited April 01, 2017, 07:32:09 AM) »
 Welcome to Famcraft!

 Ideally, Staff would always be online and be able to offer you a tour. Unfortunately,  occasionally new members will join when no staff is available to help out. In that event, please accept this tutorial to help you find your way around the server until a staff member is able to assist you.

 Most of this info is also available at /warp tour

 We also have a few topic specific warps:

/warp mall - takes you to the mall
/warp chestshops - teaches you how to shop or create shops
/warp jobs - explains how to earn money, and lets you press buttons to sign up for jobs
/warp eco - provices a free daily allowance
/warp clans - teaches about clans on Famcraft
/warp pvp - features pvp rules and arenas
/warp homes - To learn about homes
/warp ps - How to protect homes
/warp tp - How to teleport



 Please begin by reading the server rules. These rules are quite basic, but they are very important.

Server Rules:

 Following the rules will make everyone's experience more enjoyable.

1 - Do not advertise other servers on this server. You can discuss other servers here: https://famcraft.com/non-famcraft-servers/

2 - Griefing or stealing another players items is not tolerated.

3 - Deliberate misspelling of words to evade the swear filter will result in a ban.

4 - Abusive, racist, sexual, drug-related, belligerent, political, and generally offensive remarks will not be tolerated in posts, text, skin, private messages, or nick/screen names.

5 - Trading and/or linking to illegal (games, software, films, pornography etc) material is strictly forbidden.

6 - Cheating and/or using client mods while playing on Famcraft will result in an immediate permanent ban. The ONLY two acceptable client mods are Rei's Minimap and Optifine.
   - Rei's Minimap: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/482147-146-dec22-reis-minimap-v32-06/
   - Optifine: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/249637-146-optifine-hd-a3-fps-boost-hd-textures-aa-af-and-much-more/
   - We also recommend Magic Launcher for easily installing the above mods: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/939149-launcher-magic-launcher-100-mods-options-news/

7 -Ganking or persistent harassment of other players is not tolerated.

8 - Persistent hassling of the Mods or Admins for items, spawns, protections or any other method is not tolerated.

9 - Do not spam, this includes using caps or excessive amount of a letter or sign. I will not argue this topic, just don't spam. ex: 111111111 - is considered spamming.

10 - Using the term troll, trollolol is offensive, if your caught doing it you will be kicked/muted. If you persist to continue you will be tempbanned.

11 - Do not ask to become staff. This will cause you to loose your chance at becoming staff.

12 - We have players from all around the world, so please English only in the public chat.

If you use shared accounts, and your account sharer decides to grief or break rules and cause you a ban. You are responsible for your account. We do not tolerate that excuse.

These rules can change at any time, please make sure you check them frequently to keep up.



 Once you have read the rules, feel free to admire  our lovely spawn. :D Then go up the steps, and through the portal to explore spawn city!  You can always return to spawn with  /spawn


Spawn City

 You will know you are in spawn city when you are greeted by stone brick streets and friendly littlel buildings.  Feel free to explore all you like! When you are ready to get started on your journey, please type  /warp mall


The Mall

/warp mall will bring you to our lovely mall made up of player owned chest shops. To shop in a chest shop, read the sign over a chest.
 The signs will explain the quanity of the item being sold, the price, and type of item being sold. The price you can buy the item for is next to the letter B.  Simply right click the sign to buy the item.

 Some chest shops also allow you to sell items. If the price lists an S next to it, you may sell items to that shop by left clicking.



 You start with some money for shopping. You can type /money to see how much money you have. You can also earn more money with jobs.

 You can have up to 3 jobs on this server. These jobs allow you to earn money while playing normally. You do not have to go anywhere special to do your jobs, and you do not have to sell the materials you acquire. You are paid simply for the act of doing your job. For example, a Farmer earns money for harvesting crops.

 *To see what jobs are available, just type /jobs browse

 *For more information about any job, type  /jobs info [jobname]   example: /jobs info farmer

 *To join a job, type /jobs join [jobname]   example: /jobs join farmer



 Famcraft uses the SimpleClans plugin to offer clans to our players. You can join a clan, play without a clan, or even start your own clan for 10,000.

 If you wish to start your own clan, once you have 10k, you can start a clan by typing:  /clan create [TAG] [Name]    example: /clan create MINE This is My Clan

 You can set a clan home with /clan home set

 Once you have created a clan, you can invite other members to your clan with /clan invite [playername]


 PVP is OFF by default. You may toggle it on with /pvp so you can fight, but before pvp is allowed, all players must first agree to the terms of the fight. This means you and your opponent need to agree on what happens to your inventory when one player kills the other.



  You can set 5 homes on Famcraft, and your bed also sets a home for you. To set a home, type /sethome [name] example: /sethome base

 To return to a home, type /home [name]  example: /home base

* When naming your home, please choose a name, and not a number. Numbers can cause trouble for you in the future if you try to delete a home.

 To set your bed as a home, place it and right click on the bed. To return to a bed home, just type  /home bed

 If you need to delete a home at any point, please type /delhome [name] example /delhome base


Precious Stones

 Once you do have a home, you might like to protect it with the precious stones plugin.

Precious stones is a anti-grief plugin we use, you simply place the following blocks to protect your build- Diamond block protects 41x513x41, Emerald blocks protects 13x21x13

 These blocks are most effective when placed in a central location of your home or property. You can purchase the stones or mine for them. To create a diamond block, simply place 9 diamonds on a crafting table. To create an emerald block, just place 9 emeralds on a crafting table.

 Famcraft is a NO GRIEFING server, but the extra protection is still very nice to have.



We use LWC to lock our chest/furnaces/anvils/buttons/doors etc. Everything locks by itself once placed except for doors and buttons. To lock a door type "/lock" then punch it, to unlock it type "/unlock" and punch it. To add anyone to your protected chest, door, etc type "/cmodify (playername)"



 * You can use /back to return to your place of death. You will be charged 1000 each time you use the /back command.

 * You can use /tpa to request to be teleported to another player. The player can accept or deny your request. You will be charged 100 each time you send a request.

*  You can use /tpahere to request to have another player teleport to you. The player can accept or deny your request. You will be charged 100 each time you send a request.


Star Gates & Wilderness

 If you are ready to find the wilderness and begin your adventure, please type /warp sg

 Typing /warp sg will bring you to our Star Gate room.

 The center Star Gate is our random gate. It will help you be able to explore the map by teleporting you to random locations in the wilderness. These locations are changed frequently, so there are always new areas to discover.

 To use the Star Gate:
 * right click on the sign to select a random location

 * press the button to activate the portal

 * step inside the portal to be teleported to the random location you selected

 Once you arrive at your random location, you will need to walk out at least 20 blocks from the gate before you will be able to break or build.

 Once you are at least 20 blocks from the portal, you may build anywhere you like, but please, always be respectful of the workspace of other players. Try not to build too close to your neighbors, it is a big, big world.



 If you have questions, and no staff is online to help you, please do not hesitate to ask the other players any questions you might have. Famcraft is a wonderful community made up of friendly players who are always eager to help.

Have fun and happy Famcrafting!!