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Famcraft Plugins and Commands
« Opened on March 02, 2013, 04:49:28 PM (Edited July 22, 2018, 04:41:55 PM) »
 Hello Famcrafters! As requested by the community, this post is to list some of our most frequently used  plugins and/or commonly used commands and a little info about some of them.


/sethome [name] - Sets a home.  Players can set 5 homes with this command. A bed also sets a home at  /home bed. (You can also donate at : https://famcraft.com/index.php?action=treasury to receive more homes at the specified donation levels)

/delhome [name] - Deletes a home.

LWC Protection

We use LWC to lock our chest/furnaces/anvils/buttons/doors etc. Everything locks by itself once placed except for doors and buttons.

/lock  - Type /lock then left click to lock anything that can be protected with LWC.

/unlock Type /unlock then left click to unlock anything that can be protected with LWC.

 *Please note- you should be the original owner of the item to use /lock and /unlock.

/cmodify [playername] - This command allows you to give another player permission to use your locked items, such as chests, doors and furnaces.

/cremove [player name] -This command allows you to remove permission for a player you previously allowed to share your locked item.

/cpublic - This makes and item public for community use, but will not allow another player to protect it by locking it to their own name.

Precious Stones

  Precious stones is a anti-grief plugin we use, you simply place the following blocks to protect your build. Diamond block protects 41x257x41, Emerald blocks protects 11x21x11

/ps allow [playername] - This allows a player into a single Precious Stones protected area. * You can also allow an entire clan by using c:clanname instead of a player name.

/ps allowall [playername] - Allows a player into every one of your Precious Stones protected areas.

/ps remove [playername] - This removes a player from a single Precious Stones protected area.

/ps removeall [playername] - Removes a player from every one of your Precious Stones protected areas.

/ps setname [name of area] - Renames your Precious Stones protection field, so players will see a custom name upon entering and exiting your protected area.

/ps visualize - Creates a clientside (meaning only you can see it) temporary glass frame around your protected area, to allow you to see how far your protection extends. You must be standing within the Precious Stones field for this command to work.

/ps locations - Gives the coords to any Precious Stones you have placed on the map.

/ps disable - Turns off the protections in a PS Field, but leaves the stone protected so it can not be removed by another players.

/ps enable - Enables a PS that was previously disabled.

 Precious stones also contain many flags the player can toggle to customize the type of protection in each field. You can right click directly on a Precious Stone block for a complete list of flags.

/ps toggle [flag]

A few commonly used flags:

/ps toggle welcome-message - Prevents a welcome message from being displayed upon entering the protected area.

/ps toggle farewell-message - Prevents a farewell message from being displayed went leaving the protected area.

/ps toggle prevent-mob-spawn - Prevents mobs from spawning in a protected area. If you are trying to use a spawner in a protected area, you can toggle this flag to allow mobs to spawn.


 At Famcraft we have several teleportation options. I often see questions about which types of travel costs money. Here is a little info:

/spawn  - This a free teleport to spawn.

/warp [name] - All warps are free. You can see a complete list with  /warp. 

/home [name] - All teleports home are free.

/tpa [playername]- This is a teleport request to go to another player. Sending this request will cost 100 famcoins each time.

/tpahere [playername]- This is a teleport request to bring another player to you. Sending this request will cost 100 famcoins each time.

/tpaccept  - This is the command to accept another players teleport request. It is free to accept or deny a request. *Always read the request carefully so you know what kind of request you have been sent.

/back - The /back command returns you to your place of death. This command has a time limit between /back requests, so you can not use it repeatedly without a break in between.


/clan create [TAG] [Name] - This creates a clan with the specified tag and name.

 An example would be: /clan create CLAN This is My Clan

 To create a colorful clan tag, refer to the following chart. You need to add an & + the number or letter that represents each color before each letter or group of letters you wish to be the specified color. Dark red is not allowed in clan tags on Famcraft.

Thank you Kealper, for the wonderful color chart!

 For example, to create a lime green clan tag, you would type:
/clan create &aCLAN This is My Clan

To create a clan with a multicolored tag, of Teal, Green, Purple and Gold you would type:
/clan create &3C&2L&5A&6N This is My Clan

/clan modtag [tag info] - Allows you to change the color of an existing tag. This is free.

/clan home set- Sets a clan home that all members can teleport to for free with /clan home

/clan home - Teleports trusted members to the area set as the clan home.

/clan invite [playername] - Invites a player to your clan. This command is only available to clan leaders.

/clan trust [playername] - Gives trust to a clan member and allows access to /clan home and shared resources such as clan chests. This command is only available to clan leaders.

/clan untrust [playername] - Removes the trusted status from a clan member. This command is only available to clan leaders.

/clan promote [name] - Promotes a clan member to leader. This command is only available to clan leaders.

/clan demote [leadername] Demotes a clan leader to member. This command is only available to clan leaders.

/clan kick [playername]  - Kicks a player from the clan.  This command is only available to clan leaders.

/clan roster - Lists all the players in your clan.

/clan ff allow - Will allow you to pvp with clanmates.

/clan ff auto - Toggles clan pvp off.

/clanchat join - joins clan chat

/clanchat leave - leaves clan chat

/. [message here] - Sends a single message to clan chat if you have not joined clan chat

* You can find more info about SimpleClans at: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/simpleclans/


/pvp - Toggles pvp on and off. You can only pvp on Famcraft if all players have agreed to the terms of the fight first.

If you are in a clan, and wish to pvp with your clanmates, you may also need to toggle your clan pvp option.

/clan ff allow - Will allow you to pvp with clanmates.

/clan ff auto - Toggles clan pvp off.

Money and Jobs

/money , /bal , /balance  - Any of these commands will allow you to see how much money you have.

/baltop - Will allow you to see the Famcraft balance top.

 We have jobs at Famcraft. You can have 4 jobs on the server.

/jobs browse - Allows you to see a list of the jobs that are available.

/jobs info [jobname] - Displays information about the job listed

/jobs join [jobname] - Allows you to join the job listed

/jobs leave [jobname] - Leaves a job

/jobs stats - Displays your current jobs and levels

Mob Arena

 We have Mob Arena at Famcraft. Mob Arena allows you to fight monsters and win prizes.
Head over to the games world first with: /server games

/games ma- displays a list of arenas

/ma join [arena name] - joins the arena

/ma leave [arena name] - leaves the arena



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Re: Famcraft Plugins and Commands
« Reply #1 on March 15, 2013, 07:54:29 AM (Edited March 15, 2017, 07:30:19 PM) »
 We also use the Chest Shops plugin. This allows you to buy and sell items using a chest with a shop sign placed above it.

 You can create a Chest Shop almost anywhere. In your home, in a shop you build, or in a purchased mall shop. A chest shop can be set up to allow a player to buy items, buy and sell, or only sell items.

 Setting up a Chest Shop is simple. Here is a guide to help get you started.

For each shop, You will need:
A Chest
A Sign
The item(s) you wish to sell

How to set up your Chest Shop:

1. Hold the item you wish to sell in your hand and type /id - this will give you the item id number. Please make a note of this number, as you will require it to set up your shop.

2. Place a chest, and place the item(s) you wish to sell inside.

3.) Type your shop sign as follows:

1st line: blank (it will automatically fill in your name for you)
2nd line: The amount of items you wish to sell at one time.
3rd line: The price- B5 means buy for 5. B5:S3 would mean buy for 5 OR sell for 3, just typing S3 would only allow players to sell to the shop.
4th line: Item id number (this will appear as the name of the item on the finished sign)

 Following these steps should give you a working Chest Shop. :D

A working shop should look similar to the ones in the pic below.


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Re: Famcraft Plugins and Commands
« Reply #2 on March 15, 2013, 11:51:32 PM (Edited February 22, 2014, 05:31:09 PM) »
Mob Arena

 We have the MobArena plugin on Famcraft.

  Players are allowed to gather their own resources, and build an arena. Players can then submit their completed arenas to be considered for MobArena.
 If your arena is approved, an Admin can set your arena as active for all Famcraft players to enjoy.

 Here are a few guidelines to help you build an arena  that meets the criteria we look for to set up an active MobArena.

Mob Arena Guidelines

 A good arena should be a reasonable size- not so small that there is no room to run and fight, but also not so large that players get lost. For example, 40x30 makes a pretty nice sized arena. Keep in mind, any number of players can join an arena. We most commonly see groups of 3-8 players at a time.

 We also like to see unique arenas. Be creative. Choose an interesting theme or style. Try not to make an arena too similar to one of our existing MobArenas. Also, please try to avoid simply putting walls around a wilderness area. Make your arena interesting and fun!  ;D 

 A MobArena requires three specific sections, all within close proximity of one another.

 The lobby is the room a player warps to before the arena battle begins. This room will need 5 signs. Each sign needs to have a class name on the top line. The class names are case sensitive- Tank, Knight, Archer, Chemist and Oddjob. The signs can go in any order.
 You will also need an iron block in the room for players to click once they have selected their classes. The lobby can be as simple or as complex as you like.

* Arena:
  This is where the action happens. This area should be large enough for players to fight, but not large enough to easily get lost or hide from mobs. We need to be certain your arena can not be exploited. Do not included "safe places" for players to hide. Do not include areas intended to trap mobs, to make them easier to kill or avoid. This is not allowed.

* Spectator area:
 This is where players go when they die in the arena. The spectator area can be over the arena, beside, or around it. A spectator area should have a nice view of the battle field.

Completing and Submitting Your Arena
 Once you have finished building your arena, feel free to use torches, colorful wool or other blocks to mark areas you would like for mobs to spawn. These spawn points might be adjusted during setup, to ensure fair gameplay, but it will give us an idea of where you would like to see mobs spawning.

 Once you are certain your arena is complete, you can feel free to let us know. To submit an arena for consideration, please contact roadkilered or RubensCherub. You can contact us in game or via message on the forum. Please include the arena name, and coordinates. We will try to look at your arena as soon as possible.

 If your arena is approved, it will be set up for everyone to enjoy. When we set up the arenas, we sometimes need to make small changes for improved gameplay or aesthetics (example: making the walls taller to block the view of the surrounding area) . We will always try to stay true to your basic design.

 If we can not accept your arena, we will try to make sure you know why, so you can have the opportunity to try to improve it and submit it again.

*Please note you are required to gather your own supplies for the mob arena. We are not able to provide supplies. There is no payment of any kind for building an arena- it is all strictly for the fun of it. If your arena is used, your name will be displayed on a sign in the lobby of the arena.