Author Topic: To the parents of our players.  (Read 9494 times)

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To the parents of our players.
« Opened on December 02, 2013, 04:40:35 PM »
To our players, if you would like to show your parents what Famcraft is all about, please have them read this.


I'm writing this to the parents of our players that like to know where and who their kids are playing online with.  Your child found Famcraft, one of the safest servers for a minor to play on.  We, unlike many other so called family friendly servers, make our players play by the rules we have set.  Punishments range from simple kicks or muting to let a player know they were caught doing something very minor to permanent bans.

Our rules are, for the most part, common sense.  No swearing, no stealing, no defacing another players property (called griefing), and no killing another players animals.  We also don't allow modified game clients that would give a player an advantage over another.  We hold all of our players to these rules, no matter how long they have been with us.

We have a large compliment of staff to help enforce the rules.  All of our staff is extremely friendly and are not allowed to play favorites.  The first thing a new player see's on Famcraft is a large number of staff AND players warmly welcoming them to our great server.  After the new player reads the rules, they are given a tour to learn how to use many of the plugins (modifications) the server offers to help make their time on Famcraft as fun as possible.

Famcraft is an economy based server that teaches kids about working to earn money, buying and selling of items and services, and negotiating better prices.  Our rules teaches them to interact in a positive way, to pull their own weight when working in groups, and to be honest.  We pride ourself with the kind of players that chose to stay with Famcraft.  We know that we have the best of the best players here and let them know every chance we get.  We find that players who can't follow rules or are just out to make trouble, don't stay long.  They either bore quickly from the lack of mischief on Famcraft or are removed by our staff quickly because of the mischief they cause.

Famcraft is completely free to play on.  There will never be any requirement for any kind of payment to play here.  Players that do donate to the sever do not get any special treatment with the rules.  Regular players, donators, and staff are all treated equally when it comes to the rules of Famcraft which is what makes our great server better than the rest.

Thank you for taking the time to read this note to you.  Please feel free to send me a private message with any questions or concerns.

Staff member and father of 2 players.
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