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Stargates at /warp sg and /warp mall
« Opened on July 08, 2014, 04:30:10 PM (Edited November 17, 2014, 09:38:47 PM) »
 On occasion players ask to purchase a stargate linking to the main mall at /warp mall or to /warp sg.

 We would like to offer a little clarification about what is and is not allowed to be linked to these locations.

 There are seven stargates in the main stargate room at /warp sg. Some of these are for server use only. Players can purchase links to some of the gate if they meet the specified criteria and their location is approved by an Admin. We currently have no intention of adding any additional gates to /warp sg.

 Always keep in mind, when linking to a public gate of any kind, a player can easily visit your area, and build just outside of your protection. Make sure that is a risk you are willing to take BEFORE purchasing a Stargate linking to the main public server Stargate room.

 The Seven Gates at /warp SG are:

* The "Random Stargates" gate is for server/admin use ONLY. It links to 6 random locations that change frequently. It also links to the tour room at /warp tour.

*The "Worlds Gate" Links to other worlds, and is for server/admin use ONLY. This gate includes a public Nether, Public End, and a link to Wastelands, our Toxic Skies plugin world.

*The "Server Attractions" gate links to places that might be fun for players to visit or explore.
  It costs 300k Famcoins to link to this gate. Any gates linking to this gate must provide entertainment or educational value, and must be enclosed and/or adequately protected. No shops are allowed to be included in the attractions. Gates are non refundable.  Any gate linking to this must first be approved by an Admin. The Admin team will always have the final say on if an area is suitable to link to this gate.

  *We do not allow gates to be linked here that require a specific player to be present in order for the link to be entertaining/usable.  Examples: You build the biggest roller coaster on Famcraft- but YOU have to be there to start it or Your clan makes up a game-show, complete with it's own stage, but a few of your clan members need to be online to run the show. These sorts of things will not be allowed to link to the "Server Attractions" gate. The attraction must be usable/available at all times.

* The "Competitions Gate" is intended to link to server and/or player hosted competitions. It costs 300k to link to this gate. This fee is non-refundable. We prefer that you leave the builds from your competition on display. If you do not, the linking gate may be removed, no Famcoins will be refunded.

 To qualify to link to the competitions gate, you must be hosting an actual competition, in a prepared and protected area with set rules, set prizes, and a proper forum post explaining the details of your contest.
 No items of any kind can be available for sale in the competition area. This includes tools, building supplies or anything else. You can, however, provide free supplies such as a free to use tree farm, or sheep farm as a way for players to obtain building materials.Gates are non refundable. Any gate linking to this must first be approved by an Admin. The Admin team will always have the final say on if an area is suitable to link to this gate.

 * The "Free to Use Public Farms" gate links to player created FREE to use public farms, spawners or other resources. Absolutely no shops are allowed at the Free Farms. The farm must be completed, protected, and provide a obtainable and usable resource for players. It costs 300k to link to this gate. Gates are non refundable. Any gate linking to this must first be approved by an Admin. The Admin team will always have the final say on if an area is suitable to link to this gate.

* The "Clan Gates" gate is intended to link to an adequately protected clan area. This allows clan owners to offer a "sneak peek" of what their clan has to offer. It costs 300k Famcoins to link to this gate. Only established clans with protected clan areas can link to this gate. Inactive or disbanned clans may be removed from this gate. No shops are allowed to be connected to the clan area, and directly accessible by non-clan members. Gates are non refundable. Any gate linking to this must first be approved by an Admin. The Admin team will always have the final say on if an area is suitable to link to this gate.

*The "Non-Clan Affiliated Cities" gate is intended to be linked to player built/occupied cities or towns that are not owned or operated by clans. The linked area can be to "display" the city for other players to explore and enjoy, or  to set up an active city/town that accepts players who wish to build or live there. To link to this gate, there must be existing structures in  prepared and protected area. No shops are allowed to be connected to the city area, and directly accessible by non-city-resident players. Gates are non refundable. Any gate linking to this must first be approved by an Admin. The Admin team will always have the final say on if an area is suitable to link to this gate.

Mall Stargates at /warp mall
 If you own a player built mall, you can link to /warp mall . It costs 1 million Famcoins for a gate that links to the main mall.

 In order to be allowed to link to the main mall, your mall must meet the following criteria. We are well aware some older malls were added before the new criteria was in place. Some of these will likely be brought up to comply with the newer standards. However, the CURRENT rules and criteria are as follows:

* The mall must be fully protected. Protected from mobs spawning, and protected from griefing.

*The mall must be enclosed or showing a defined area. Keep in mind, if a player can exit your mall, they may build closer to it than you like. If they are a reasonable distance away they will not be asked to relocate.

*The mall must be player made- no scattering chest shops around a hooded forest and calling it a mall, for example.

*The mall must have free or rentable space available for MULTIPLE players to sell items. No "shop" intended to be owned and used by a single player will be allowed.

*The mall owner must understand he/she will need to be available to handle his/her own shop rentals and evictions. This is not the staff team's job.

*The mall needs to have rules clearly posted about what is and is not allowed, and at what point a player will be considered for eviction.

*The mall must sell actual goods, obtainable items sold via chestshops. A shop can not simply offer visual examples or signs explaining services that you can provide.

*The mall must be able to function without requiring shop owners to be online. Example of what is not allowed: A chest that sells logs- with a sign that says "tell me what kind of logs you need and I will restock". We expect some effort to keep mall shops stocked.

*Gates will only be placed in malls that are completed and ready to be open for business.

*You can not link to someone else's mall gate network.  You must purchase your own main mall gate, network and linking gate for 1 million Famcoins.

* Gates are non refundable.

* Any gate linking to this must first be approved by an Admin. The Admin team will always have the final say on if an area is suitable to link to this gate.

*The Admin team may remove gates linked to abandoned malls or malls owned by inactive/banned players.

*Keep in mind, owning a mall means eventual evictions- please make sure you are prepared to handle the evictions properly.

How to evict a player from a player owned mall

- Verify that the player has not been online/active in a while, or their shop appears abandoned. (* Hint, try the /saw command)

-Post a sign at the entrance of the shop stating that the shop owner is being evicted if there is no contact in "_"  days. Somewhere from 3-7 days should be reasonable for active players.

 -Send in game mail with a similar message. /mail send [playername] Today is 7/9/14. Your mall shop at my mall will be closed in 3 days if I do not hear from you. Thx.

-If the player replies, as them to remove their items from your mall.

-After the allotted time has passed, if no response from the player, please contact an admin for proper removal of the players  items. You can contact us using the Admin Help Request form if we are not online. We will get to it as soon as reasonably possible:

(For the record, we pack their things up, and drop them off at their home in a locked chest, even banned players.)

 We no longer allow linking of gates for purpose of showing/listing examples of what you may be able to offer for sale when you are online. If you have an actual player owned mall with shops, you can feel free to add a display area for examples of your work there. If you rent/own a shop in a player owned mall, you an ask the mall owner for permission to place stargates linking to a display area for your work. However, we DO NOT allow Stargates to be placed inside player owned main mall shops.
 Offerings for manufactured products or services should be offered on the forum at:

or at the Famcraft Auction House:


And if you wish to include images, you can post them using The Famcraft image hosting site, if you like:


PlayerPvP Community Gate at /warp pvp

PvP Gate

All arenas submitted for consideration need to meet the following criteria. Even if they meet the guidelines there is absolutely no guarantee they will be selected or approved to go on the PlayerPvP network. Each arena will be considered on a case by case basis. Please remember not to become upset or behave in a negative way if your arena is not approved for the PlayerPvP StarGate. Not every arena will be accepted.

*Arena needs to have a battle-area of at least 60 x 60 blocks

*Arena should have a wall no less than 10 blocks tall all the way around

*Arena should have an adequate spectator area for players who wish to watch rather than fight

*Arena should have A lobby space at least 8 x 12 with space for a StarGate

*Arena should offer fun features- it should be more than just a walled in area

*Arena should be made of reasonably nice supplies- We probably wouldn't consider an all dirt arena

*Arena needs to be free of "traps" a player can not get out of (example 2 block deep holes)

*Arena needs to be free of exploitable areas

*Arena will need a name

*If approved, You will need to have 300k to pay for the link to the PlayerPvP StarGate

 It may be a good idea to browse/play at the other arenas for some inspiration. We would like to add unique arenas that have a different look and feel than the ones we already have.

 If your arena is NOT approved you can keep it, it is yours.You can still enjoy it with friends and clanmates. You can ask an Admin to relocate it for you, ask an Admin to remove it for you (you lose the supplies), take it apart yourself and keep the supplies, or offer it for sale on the auction house or forum.Please remembr NOT to behave in a upset or negative way.

If your arena IS Accepted, a copy may be taken rather than your original arena. If this is the case, the original arena will be yours to do with as you please.

 If your arena is accepted it WILL NOT be used at the location you built it. It will be relocated to a private, protected area.

 If the arena involves "death traps" that may prevent a player from being able to recover their items, it may be set up with a separate inventory. If this is the case, weapons/armor and food will be provided via free-to-use "Admin Shops" in the arena.

 If your arena is used, the Admin team reserves the right to make minor changes to a copy of your arena, as needed.

 ** DO NOT go from one Admin to the next in an effort to get a gate added to a specific network. If one Admin tells you no, assume the other will too. All the Admin/Staff Team on Famcraft are in very close contact and we communicate often throughout the day.