Author Topic: New Donation Reward Options Beginning Feb 1st 2015!!  (Read 6298 times)

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New Donation Reward Options Beginning Feb 1st 2015!!
« Opened on February 01, 2015, 04:49:52 AM (Edited February 02, 2015, 04:54:49 AM) »
 Thank you for considering donating to help support Famcraft! Please know donations are always appreciated, but are never required or expected. Donating does not increase your chance of becoming staff. Donating does not decrease your chance of being banned if you break the rules.

 If you wish to donate, you can learn how here: https://famcraft.com/index.php?action=treasury

 We are offering a few brand new donation reward options as of Feb.1st 2015! We only have different reward options up to $100. If you donate more than $100, you can choose the duplicate rewards you like the most.

 You can collect your rewards as you go OR you can request to have the money credited to your account to save up for larger items.

Any Donation Amount:

* A dark green in-game name, to show others that you've donated to Famcraft.
 - If you have purchase CoinShop in the past, your (LightGreenName) in brackets will be replaced with a lovely new DarkGreenName after donating!

* The option to purchase an in-game ~Nick_Name for 100,000 Famcoins.
 - Adding or changing a nick name will cost 100,000 Famcoins, removing a nick name and returning back to your real in-game name is free.

* Free relocation of structures you have built.

* Free land clearing down to sea-level. (You do NOT receive the cleared blocks!)   

$10 Donor Rewards Include:

* A colorful name applied to your pet. You can choose the name, color(s), and up to two symbols.
 - This will only last as long as your pet does. This will not extend the life of a pet. Please choose carefully.


* A colorful name applied to one of your own weapons. You can choose the name, color(s), and up to two symbols.
 - This will only last as long as the weapon does. This will not expand the life of the weapon. YOU must purchase or provide the weapon. The fancy name may make the weapon cost more to repair. Please choose carefully.

$15 Donor Rewards Include:

 * A pretty symbol displayed at the end of your name. You choose the symbol and color.
 - Limit 4 symbols visible at once per player.
 - Additional symbols can be credited to your account, and rotated out as you wish.
 - Select from a list we provide, or suggest a different one and if we are able to allow it, we will add it to the list.
 - No dark red symbols
 - We can not change the type/color of the symbol once you've chosen one, so please choose carefully.
 * Please note, we may still offer temporary free symbols on holidays from time to time.

 You can choose the symbol and the color!

$20 Donor Rewards Include:

* An undead skeleton horse


* An undead zombie horse

$40 Donor Rewards Include:

* Jukebox music for ONE of your areas
 - Plays each time you enter an area, you choose the Minecraft jukebox song.
 - Must be applied to an area you own or a mall shop. The music is always on, so please choose carefully.
 - Once you donate to receive this feature, you will have it forever.
 - You can change the song your area plays for 100,000 Famcoins.
 - You can have your song moved to a new area for 100,000 Famcoins.
 - If you get tired of the music, you can have it removed and stored for later use. Later use can be any available song option and any area you own.
 - If you have the music removed, and put back within 7 days there will be a 100,000 Famcoin relocation fee. If you have the music removed, then put back after at least 7 days have passed, there will be no fee. 
 - If at any point this option becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, then you will be credited the value of this feature so it can be applied towards another reward.


* Biome changes up to 100x100 blocks (Area must be protected with PreciousStones first)
 - Biome changes affect the grass color/weather. They DO NOT replace materials. A plains biome set to be a desert biome, for example, will have the darker yellowy grass; The grass will not become sand.
 - Biome change area can be smaller, but can not be divided up into multiple sections.
 - Biome changes can be larger for an additional in game charge of 80 Famcoins per-column-changed (A "column" is a  block, bedrock to sky.) Rules/restrictions apply.
 - Biome changes are permanent.

$50 Donor Rewards Include:

* The /hat command
 - This allows you to hold almost any block in your hand and type /hat to wear it on your head :D

$100 Donor Rewards Include:

* A Statue somewhere in the spawn area. We are running low on spaces, so we may have to be creative with the placement, but we will work you in somewhere in the spawn region. (Limit one per player)

* Colors and formatting effects for use on signs.
 - This allows you to type in all the pretty colors, and use effects like bold, italic and underline. Ideal for making pretty signs, furniture and more.