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I wish Famcraft knew....

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 I recently saw a story on the news about the #Iwishmyteacherknew movement that was started by an elementary school teacher. I was very moved by some of the stories I saw there. I thought it was a really cool way for teachers and students to get to know each other better.

 Sometimes, there are things we wish other people did know about us, to help them understand a bit more about us, but it's often so difficult to find a way to toss out random facts about ourselves in normal conversations.

 Sometimes, it would help to know that someone else shares the same likes or dislikes as you. It would be fun to know someone else has similar hobbies to yours, or someone else struggles with math too!

 So I present to you this thread. What do you wish other Famcrafters knew about you? It does not have to be profound! It can be something as small as "I wish Famcraft knew how much I like guinea pigs!" or as big as "I wish Famcraft knew that I struggle with reading in school". You do not have to post on this thread at all, but it is an open door for those who want to share a bit more about themselves.

 As this is Famcraft, I do have to ask that all comments be kept family friendly. It is okay to mention missing someone you've lost, or illness or injury, but please do not give details that might be upsetting to other players.
 Please do not mention anything here that would break any of the Famcraft server or forum rules. Also please do not post information that is too personal such as any info that identifies you or your location (like your whole real name, or the name of your school, for example.)


""I wish Famcraft knew.. "

Awesome idea!

I wish Famcraft knew,

I can't talk in Mumble or Skype voice chat because I have an inability to speak (physical thing since the beginning of me)... For now. I'm currently going to weekly treatments and checkups twice a week.
Every once in a while I have ADD moments in chat, causing me not to notice anything going on
Sometimes I'll join Famcraft thinking about stress related things (long story short I am stressed about a thing that had happened when I was very young.)
Famcraft (and of course, the community) for a reason I have not discovered, seems to keep me calm, if not happy.
I have not had much luck having long term or trustable friendships until I started playing on Famcraft.
I often have trouble with math problems, and sometimes reading and writing.  :-[

I often screenshot funny moments or information for later use  :-\

You can see me online and offline on the forums sometimes at night in the US, so if you haven't noticed, I'm a kid who's addicted to social media and games.

Oh and also,I will always love Famcraft. :D

I like this idea. 
I wish Famcraft knew...
I have anxiety, which makes it really hard for me to concentrate on stuff when I'm scared, or am having an anxiety attack.

I have a love for science, music, English, theatre, and math.  Which I why, I would wait her like to become and author, meteorologist, or a Broadway actress.
I also am a hyperactive kid.  I tend to be mature over serious stuff. Ie school, work, an etc., but then I tend to get a little hyper and lay back.  (Ps I have probably the best grades in my grade, I don't know for sure, but I'm definitely in the top ten.)

There is a lot of stuff about me that I didn't even say here. Ps. All you book readers out there. I am one that reads a lot too. Though a lot of books I can't say on here as they are YA-teen level books.

I love this idea Anna. :)

I wish Famcraft knew...

I have a lot of things I can talk about, but I'll try to keep this shorter. My family has a long history of medical problems. Vision problems, and asthma to name a few. When I was really young my asthma was bad. It went away for a while but over the last year I've been getting really roughed by it. I am pretty prone to having an asthma attack, but I have it under control right now :). I also have really bad chronic migraines from time to time. They are so bad, that if I'm in school, I have to leave to go home and sleep.

I need to give a special thanks to you Anna, you always find a way to brighten my day with topics like these, or just being super awesome ingame while I'm on. Thank you so much <333

I love this idea also.
I wish famcraft knew about my heart defect.
I sing like there is no tomorrow because to me, I really never know.
I have a irregular heartbeat, and it makes me have ADHD, OCD, and other defects in my brain, also.
I love famcraft, and I never even tell my friends, my closest friends this.
Because you guys are closer than friends.
You are FAMily.


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