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« Opened on April 26, 2015, 09:51:17 AM »
BSC is holding a fundraiser! We are raising money for new SG's, and more!
1k-10k: Access to 2 spawners of choice
11k-25k:Access to 3 spawners of choice
26k-32k:Access to 4 spawners of choice
32k-100k: Access to all spawners
100k-300k:Free Mansion I build for u and all of above
300k-500k:Access to iron farm and all of above
500k-1mil:Access to everything our clan has to offer and all of the above!

Besoxx: Gazsie!
_Gaz: O_O
Spotsie: All Spots zero two
Socksie: wat...
Socksie: Bradsie!
Brad: I'm good, kthxbai
BradBoy523 left the game
Besoxx: XD
Socksie: xD
BradBoy523 joined the game
Brad: lol jk
Besoxx: wb lol
Socksie: xD
_Luc: well thats going in my sig, brad xD
Socksie: Agreed xD