Author Topic: I apologize for advertising and have read the rules.  (Read 3770 times)

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First off you should try and make it seem as you want to come back to this server, you cant just put something like you did and expect me to forgive you, it only seems like you want to come back to do the same. Second you knew advertising was against the rules, but thought it was ok, this rule comes from xcom. Third I was reported that someone griefed gangsterpinguins home I go to look and it shows that you had broken a tree trunk from one of his trees that were in the design, it was obviouse that it was part of the desing. You are tempbanned for 3 days. Next time it's permanent so I expect for you to be on your best behaviuor. I don't want to hear complaints, just go past these three days with the server you felt the need to advertise on mine.